Definition of ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank means Australia and New Zealand Bank Limited and its subsidiaries and Related Bodies Corporate.

Examples of ANZ Bank in a sentence

ANZ Bank means ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank, an American Samoa corporation, and any Successor.
Back 3 The ANZ Bank raised the issue of occupational health and safety regulation and stated that 'The variance of legislation' between the jurisdictions '...presents obvious difficulties to an Australia-wide employer such as ANZ': Submission No. 27.1, p.
The ANZ Bank submitted that there are '...significant differences in the application and operation of payroll tax between States and Territories': Submission No. 27, p.
The Agent shall have received such other statements, opinions, certificates, documents and information as it or, in the case of a requested Revolving Loan, ANZ Finance, and, in the case of a request for the Term Loan, ANZ Bank, may reasonably request in order to satisfy itself that the conditions set forth in this Section 4.2 have been fulfilled.
While this recognition will have an impact of $90 million on the fiscal balance in 2003-04, actual payment to the ANZ Bank (with a corresponding impact on the underlying cash balance) is not required until 2005-06 at the earliest, consistent with the Government's contractual obligations.