And/or definition

And/or means and may read or and or may be read and if the sense requires it.
And/or means either or both;
And/or means Andor Technology Limited, its employees, subcontractors and sub suppliers and its affiliates, all of whom shall have the benefit of the exclusions and limitations of liability set out herein;

Examples of And/or in a sentence

  • And/or Social Sciences outside the College of Agriculture□ □ □ 3 credits of Hum.

  • And/or: Waiver- Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary or any notice given, Buyer may unilaterally waive any defects, providing that Buyer notifies Builder of waiver in writing, within the time specified on Line 184 or 186 (whichever is applicable).

  • And/or may result in termination of your Contract with no refunds.

  • XXXXXX, Clerk of said Board By Deputy Date: HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY By XXXXXX XXXXX, HHSA Director And/or XXXX GHERKIN, HHSA CFO Date: Budgeted: Yes No Budget Unit: 4051 Line Item (Acct String): 86-2189 Org/Object Code: MAPEI Grant: Yes No Grant No.: INSURANCE REVIEW: RISK MANAGER By XXXXXXX XxXXXXXXX, Director General Services Agency Date: COUNTY COUNSEL REVIEW: APPROVED AS TO FORM: XXXXXXX X.

  • The transmitted signal from the probe is directed into a spectrometer-camera pair (Andor Shamrock spec- trograph and Andor Newton CCD camera) to resolve the wavelength access in our pump–probe experiments.

More Definitions of And/or

And/or means one or the other or both, or any one or more or all, of the things or persons or parties in connection with which the conjunction is used.
And/or means an employee who is engaged in any of the following:
And/or means either of the alternatives or both of the alternatives as the context requires;
And/or means Andor Technology Limited or Andor Incorporated as stated and confirmed on a Quotation and/or an AO.
And/or means one item or the other or a combination of both or all.
And/or. -- Andor Technology Limited, a limited liability corporation organized under the laws of Northern Ireland, of which the Company owns 51.25% of the outstanding capital stock.
And/or means Andor Technology Limited; “AO” means the acknowledgement of order issued by ANDOR to Customer together with the Service Plan;