And/or definition

And/or means and may read or and or may be read and if the sense requires it.
And/or means an employee who is engaged in any of the following:
And/or means either of the alternatives or both of the alternatives as the context requires;

More Definitions of And/or

And/or means either or both;
And/or means one or the other or both, or any one or more or all, of the things or persons or parties in connection with which the conjunction is used.
And/or means "and" wherever possible; otherwise, the word "or" shall apply.
And/or means Andor Technology Incorporated. “AO” means the acknowledgement of order issued by ANDOR to Customer together with the Service Plan. “Commencement Date” means the date on which the Service Agreement becomes effective as set out in any applicable AO.
And/or means that all items or provisions so connected shall apply singularly or in combination.
And/or means one item or the other or a combination of both or all.