Alternative Therapies definition

Alternative Therapies means Treatment that does not generally fall within the realm of conventional veterinary medicine as used by the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians (AARV). These therapies include, but are not limited to, holistic, acupuncture and chiropractic Treatment, performed by a Veterinarian or a veterinary staff member under the direct supervision of a Veterinarian.
Alternative Therapies means professional Treatment that is:

Examples of Alternative Therapies in a sentence

  • AlternativePlusWe will reimburse You, if shown on the Declarations Page, after any applicable Waiting Period, for the Covered Expenses that occur during the Coverage Period subject to Policy limits and exclusions including, but not limited to, Coinsurance, Deductible and Annual Limit, for Alternative Therapies, Complementary Therapies, and the diagnosis and Treatment of Behavioral Problems.

  • Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science-Pain Relief-From Analgesics to Alternative Therapies.

  • Understanding Mycotoxin-Induced Illness: Part 1; Debby Hamilton; Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine; July 2022; Pages 5-8 8.

  • Expenses for Alternative Therapies, Complementary Therapies, and Behavioral Problems, unless You purchase the optional AlternativePlus coverage.

  • Expenses for Alternative Therapies, Complementary Therapies, and Behavioral Problems unless You purchase the optional AlternativePlus coverage.

  • Defeating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: Exploring Alternative Therapies for a Post-Antibiotic Era.

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