ABL Loans definition

ABL Loans means the “Loans” as defined in the ABL Credit Agreement.
ABL Loans means those certain loans issued under and on the terms set forth in the ABL Credit Agreement.
ABL Loans means the revolving loans under the ABL Facility.

Examples of ABL Loans in a sentence

  • Interest shall be computed at the above rate on the basis of the actual number of days during which the principal balance of the ABL Loans are outstanding divided by 360, which shall for interest computation purposes be considered one (1) year.

  • Requests for ABL Loans hereunder shall be in writing duly executed by Borrower in a form satisfactory to Bank and shall contain a certification setting forth the matters referred to in Section 1, which shall disclose that Borrower is entitled to the amount of loan being requested.

  • Annex 2 Condition 13 to be amended (details at Annex 4 of the report).2) That the conditions detailed below shall be applied to the licence.

  • The Borrower shall have the right to voluntarily prepay Term Loans in whole or in part from time to time, subject to Section 3.05 and Section 2.08(f) but otherwise without premium or penalty; provided that the proceeds of the ABL Loans may not be used to make any such voluntary prepayment and provided, further, that each partial prepayment of Term Loans shall be in a minimum principal amount of $1,000,000 or a whole multiple of $100,000 in excess thereof.

  • The Borrower will use the proceeds of the 2018 Incremental Term Loans solely (i) to pay the fees and expenses in connection with the Fourth Amendment, (ii) to repay the ABL Loans under the ABL Credit Agreement and (iii) for general corporate purposes.

More Definitions of ABL Loans

ABL Loans means loans incurred pursuant to the ABL Credit Agreement.
ABL Loans means the Loans under (and as defined in) the ABL Credit Agreement, and includes any refinancing thereof.
ABL Loans means loans made and incurred from time to time under the ABL Facility.
ABL Loans shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble hereto.
ABL Loans means revolving loans under any ABL Facility.
ABL Loans means the senior secured asset-based revolving loans and the term loan facilities made on and after the Closing Date from time to time pursuant to the ABL Credit Agreement.