E J Nak Mattress Co Sample Contracts

E J Nak Mattress Co – E.J. NAK Exclusive Simmons Agreement (December 29th, 2000)

E.J. NAK Exclusive Simmons Agreement It is agreed that the Simmons Mattress Company and E.J. Nak Mattress will enter into an exclusive Simmons only bedding program beginning September 1, 1999. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT: (1) Simmons will be the sole provider of all bedding products for each E.J. Nak Mattress location and every additional E.J.. Nak Mattress Gallery. (2) Minimum of 30 sets of Simmons bedding on display at each E.J. Nak Mattress location. (3) Geographical locations for the sale of Simmons products at future E.J. Nak Galleries, must be agreed upon by both Simmons and E.J. Nak Mattress. (4) Simmons will accrue 10% of net sales as co-op finds for advertising. (Net sales are defined as: gross sales minus terms, returns and sales from as-is goods, over-stock goods and promotional goods). Advertising claims are paid in full by E.J. Nak Mattress. E.J. Nak Mattress then atta

E J Nak Mattress Co – THE LEASE (December 29th, 2000)

THE LEASE (MODIFIED GROSS LEASE) This Lease is made and entered into this 18th day of August, 1999 and between Town Center, LLC. d.b.a. Five Points Mall, ("Landlord"), and E.J. Nak Mattress Company, ("Tenant"), who agree as follows: 1. SUMMARY OF LEASE The following is a summary of certain portions of the Lease: Landlord's Address: Town Center LLC 1708 South Main Bountiful, Utah 84010 Building Address: 1708 South Main, Bountiful Utah, 84010 Suite Number: J Term: Sixty Months (60) Option Period(s): One-Three Year Period Commencement Date: August 18, 1999 Expiration Date: September 14, 2004 Basic Rent per Month: September 15 to November 14th $500.00 per month November 15 to November 30th $750.00 per month December 1 to February 29th $1,500.00 per mo