Charpie Richard A Sample Contracts

Charpie Richard A – JOINT FILING AGREEMENT (May 12th, 1998)

1 CUSIP NO. 45815R 10 0 SCHEDULE 13D Page 19 of 20 Pages ---- ---- Exhibit 4 --------- JOINT FILING AGREEMENT In accordance with Rule 13d-1 (f)(1)(iii) under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, the persons named below agree to the Joint Filing on behalf of each of them of a Schedule 13D with respect to the Common Shares of Intelligent Controls, Inc., a Maine corporation, and any further amendments thereto. This Joint Filing Agreement shall be filed as an Exhibit to the Statement on Schedule 13D. Dated May __, 1998 AMPERSAND SPECIALTY MATERIALS AND CHEMICALS ill LIMITED PARTNERSHIP By: ASMC-III Management Company Limited Partnership By: ASMC-III MCLP LLP, its general partner By