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Xxxxx Holdings. Subject Matter Pursuant to the Framework Services Agreement:
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  • MERCURY ADDED CONSUMER PRODUCTS Contractor agrees that it will not sell or distribute fever thermometers containing mercury or any products containing elemental mercury for any purpose under this Contract.

  • WSIB & LTD An Employee who is receiving benefits under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, or under a LTD plan, is not entitled to benefits under a school board’s sick leave and short term disability plan for the same condition unless the employee is on a graduated return to work program then WSIB/LTD remains the first payor. For clarity, where an employee is receiving partial benefits under WSIB/LTD, they may be entitled to receive benefits under the sick leave plan, subject to the circumstances of the specific situation. During the interim period from the date of the injury/incident or illness to the date of the approval by the WSIB/LTD of the claim, the employee may access sick leave and short term leave and disability coverage. A reconciliation of sick leave deductions made and payments provided, will be undertaken by the school board once the WSIB/LTD has adjudicated and approved the claim. In the event that the WSIB/LTD does not approve the claim, the school board shall deal with the absence consistent with the terms of the sick leave and short term leave and disability plans.

  • Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Prohibition Contractor agrees that it shall not sell, provide, or otherwise distribute Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, as defined by San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 101, as part of its performance of this Agreement.

  • Xxxxxx Xxx as Holder Xxxxxx Mae shall have the right to purchase and hold for its own account any Certificate issued pursuant to the terms of this Trust Agreement, notwithstanding the rights and duties conferred and imposed upon Xxxxxx Xxx by this Trust Agreement. In determining whether the Holders of the requisite amount of Certificates have given any request, demand, authorization, direction, notice, consent or waiver hereunder, any Certificate held by Xxxxxx Mae in its corporate capacity shall be disregarded and deemed not to be outstanding.

  • Xxxxxx, P A., special counsel for IMC, in IMC's capacity as both Seller and Servicer under the Sale and Servicing Agreement, and/or Xxxxx & Xxxxxx LLP shall have furnished to the Underwriters their written opinion or opinions, addressed to the Underwriters and the Depositor and dated the Closing Date, in form and substance satisfactory to the Underwriters, to the effect that:

  • Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses (W/MBE) The Subrecipient will use its best efforts to afford small businesses, minority business enterprises, and women’s business enterprises the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the performance of this contract. As used in this cataract, the terms “small business” means a business that meets the criteria set forth in section 3(a) of the Small Business Act, as amended (15 U.S.C. 632), and “minority and women’s business enterprise” means a business at lease fifty-one (51) percent owned and controlled by minority group members or women. For the purpose of this definition, “minority group members” are Afro- Americans, Spanish-speaking, Spanish surnamed or Spanish-heritage Americans, Asian-Americans and American Indians. The Subrecipient may rely on written representation by businesses regarding their status as minority and female business enterprises in lieu of an independent investigation.

  • Xxxxx, P E. , known to me to be a person and officer whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged to me that he/she executed same for and as the act of the City of Arlington, Texas, a Texas municipal corporation, and as Director of Public Works and Transportation thereof, and for the purposes and consideration therein expressed. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND SEAL OF OFFICE this the day of , 20 . Notary Public In and For The State of Texas Notary's Printed Name

  • Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk (a) An employee shall be granted five working days bereavement leave with pay upon the death of the employee’s spouse, child, stepchild, parent, stepparent, legal guardian, grandchild or step-grandchild.

  • Mitsui Iron Ore Corporation Pty Ltd. to vary the Iron Ore (Marillana Creek) Agreement;

  • -wire Unbundled Digital/DS0 Loop These are designed 4-wire Loops that may be configured as 64kbps, 56kbps, 19kbps, and other sub-rate speeds associated with digital data services and will come standard with a test point, OC, and a DLR.

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