Workdays Sample Clauses

Workdays. 13.1 All workdays when the central and administrative offices are open shall be duty days for members employed on a twelve-month basis. All student days, when the schools are open, shall be duty days for members employed on a ten-month basis. The school calendar has been established by the Board of Education in accordance with Section 7- 103 of the Annotated Code of the General Public Laws of Maryland and except in case of emergency, members will not be required to work on the holidays designated by the Board and listed on the School Calendar. The Board may designate additional days as holidays when the school calendar is adopted.
Workdays. 1. All workdays when the central and administrative offices are open shall be duty days for unit members employed on a 12-month basis.
Workdays. (a) Except for part-time employees, the minimum length of the scheduled workday shall be seven hours.
Workdays a. Two of the first four duty days for bargaining unit members to be used exclusively for individual bargaining unit member worksite preparation.
Workdays. The workday shall consist of an assigned shift within twenty-four (24) consecutive hours commencing at 12:00 a.m. Whenever practicable and consistent with program needs, employees shall work on five (5) consecutive working days separated by two (2) consecutive days off. Significant or major changes in methods of scheduling shall be first discussed with the Union before changes are made.
Workdays. As used in the grievance procedure, “workdays” shall be defined as days the District office is open for business.
Workdays. An employee’s workdays are those days that they are assigned to perform work for the District.
Workdays. 1. The District will provide the equivalent of a one-half (1/2) workday at the end of each quarter to be used at the discretion of each teacher. Lunch, during these one-half (1/2) workdays, shall be equally split between morning and afternoon. These half-days shall be a portion of the contract days. The District may wish to hold school, provide inservice, or use the other days as they desire.
Workdays. No less than nine (9) work/grade days to be scheduled at the discretion of the District. A grade day shall be scheduled within two (2) weeks of the end of the grading periods. The last student contact day of each semester shall be a half day with students being dismissed by 12:00. The remainder of the day shall be considered work/grade time for licensed staff. Workdays/grade days shall be free of administrative meetings and inservices. District inservices shall be scheduled at the discretion of the district.
Workdays. The following provisions apply to all regular, classified employees with the exception of the position listed as “Professional Employees.” A work week begins at 12:01 AM Monday and the work week ends seven (7) days times twenty-four (24) hours later.