Wire Sample Clauses

Wire. All equipment grounds will be #6 AWG. Circuit grounding conductors will be no more than two wire sizes smaller than the current carrying conductors of the same circuit (minimum #12 AWG). All external ground wire, including but not limited to the external ground ring and external halo drops, will be #2 AWG solid tinned copper.
Wire. All payments due under this Agreement to Rigel shall be made by bank wire transfer in immediately available funds to an account designated by Rigel.
Wire. Purchaser shall pay the Purchase Price in immediately available funds to Seller on the Closing Date (as defined in Section 7.1 below) by wire transfer to the Escrow Agent (as defined in Section 3 below), plus or minus prorations as set forth below.
Wire. Fabricate from 1/4-inch- diameter, hot-dip galvanized steel wire.
Wire. 6.1 Inside wire is defined as all Local Loop plant owned by PRTC on Customer premises as far as the point of demarcation as defined in 47 C.F.R. § 68.3, including the Local Loop plant near the Customer premises. CSPR may access the inside wire subloop at any technically feasible point including, but not limited to, the network interface device, the minimum point of entry, or the single point of interconnection. Subject to the provisions set forth in Section 1 of this Attachment and upon request by CSPR, PRTC shall provide to CSPR nondiscriminatory access to Inside Wire. PRTC will provide access to a House and Riser Cable if PRTC owns, operates, maintains and controls such facility and only where such facility is available. PRTC shall not reserve a House and Riser Cable for CSPR. CSPR shall pay PRTC reasonable charges for all work that PRTC performs under this section 6 to be determined on an individual case basis.
Wire. All employees called into the mill, or held over at the of their shift to assist in changing a wire on one machine will be paid hours. and one-half hours will be considered the period required changing wires, and time worked by these employees on a wire change exceeding this and one-half hour period will be paid at time and one-half. If, during a wire change a second or subsequent wire initiated before the wire change has reached the stage where all the spacer blocks have been replaced, the crew will be paid hours plus time and one half for the time worked beyond two and one-half hours. If the initial, second or subsequent, wire have progressed beyond the aforementioned the crew will be paid hours for each wire change initiated. If the wire crew to put a wire on a machine before the end of their regular period, and continues such after the end of their work period, they shall be paid for the hours worked plus not less than one hour to cover paper machines operate on a seven day basis the millwright assisting in putting on wires will receive hours pay and hours will be deducted from the regular hours of It is agreed and understood that all rules and regulations issued by the Company, including safety regulations, which do not conflict with the provisions of this agreement, are and will continue in force during the life of this agreement and any extension thereof.
Wire. At the Closing, Buyer shall transfer the Cash Payment by wire transfer of federal funds in accordance with wire transfer instructions delivered by Seller (with accompanying Federal tax identification number) to Buyer in writing prior to the Effective Date (“Buyer’s Wire Transfer Instructions”).
Wire. A All conductors shall be copper, with a minimum conductivity of 98%. This does not apply to existing premises conductors through which inverter output current will flow. B Wire shall be Class B stranded. C Insulation of all conductors and cables shall be rated for the voltage of the system. D Insulation type shall be moisture and heat resistant thermoplastic THWN, rated 90°C in dry locations and 75°C in wet locations, for #8 AWG and smaller. For #6 AWG and larger insulation shall be type XHHW. E Wire identification - all wires, field and interior (non-field) to equipment, shall be identified with machine permanent ink printed sleeve markers or clip-on markers covered with clear plastic heat shrinkable tubing. Hand lettered wire labels are not acceptable and shall be replaced at the Contractor's expense. All wires that are electrically the same (connected to common termination points) and do not pass through a contact or other switching device shall have the same wire identification. The wire labeling code for each end of the same wire shall be identical. Tubing shall be sized for the wire and shrunk into place with the properly sized heat gun.
Wire. 1. All conductors shall be 600-volt and shall be copper with insulation of the following types, unless otherwise noted on the drawings or in these specifications.
Wire. Wire for fabrication and assembly shall be hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated. The wire shall have a minimum tensile strength of 75,000 psi, and a thickness of 2.7 mm internal and 3.7 mm external. Galvanized steel wire shall conform to ASTM A 641, Class 3, Soft Temper. PVC coating thickness: Nominal – 0.5 mm, Minimum –0.38 mm.