Wire Sample Clauses

Wire. All equipment grounds will be #6 AWG. Circuit grounding conductors will be no more than two wire sizes smaller than the current carrying conductors of the same circuit (minimum #12 AWG). All external ground wire, including but not limited to the external ground ring and external halo drops, will be #2 AWG solid tinned copper.
Wire. All payments due under this Agreement to Rigel shall be made by bank wire transfer in immediately available funds to an account designated by Rigel.
Wire. 6.1 Inside wire is defined as all Local Loop plant owned by PRTC on Customer premises as far as the point of demarcation as defined in 47 C.F.R. § 68.3, including the Local Loop plant near the Customer premises. CSPR may access the inside wire subloop at any technically feasible point including, but not limited to, the network interface device, the minimum point of entry, or the single point of interconnection. Subject to the provisions set forth in Section 1 of this Attachment and upon request by CSPR, PRTC shall provide to CSPR nondiscriminatory access to Inside Wire. PRTC will provide access to a House and Riser Cable if PRTC owns, operates, maintains and controls such facility and only where such facility is available. PRTC shall not reserve a House and Riser Cable for CSPR. CSPR shall pay PRTC reasonable charges for all work that PRTC performs under this section 6 to be determined on an individual case basis.
Wire. All horizontal branch circuits will be copper, AWG #10 minimum, THHN wire

Related to Wire

  • Wire Transfer If you choose to pay by wire transfer, you will be provided with the issuer’s bank account number, routing number and bank address, along with a unique identifying code that will enable us to match the incoming wire transfer with your subscription. (c)

  • Funds Payments under the Finance Documents to the Facility Agent must be made for value on the due date at such times and in such funds as the Facility Agent may specify to the Party concerned as being customary at the time for the settlement of transactions in the relevant currency in the place for payment.

  • Check C. The employee will have the option to repay the overpayment over a period of time equal to the number of pay periods during which the overpayment was made. The employee and the College may agree to make other repayment arrangements. The payroll deduction to repay the overpayment will not exceed five percent (5.0%) of the employee’s disposable earnings in a pay period. However, the College and employee can agree to an amount that is more than the five percent (5.0%).

  • Wire Transfers Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary in this Indenture, the Issuers may make any payment of moneys required to be deposited with the Trustee on account of principal of, or premium, if any, or interest on, the Debt Securities (whether pursuant to optional or mandatory redemption payments, interest payments or otherwise) by wire transfer in immediately available funds to an account designated by the Trustee before 11:00 a.m., New York City time, on the date such moneys are to be paid to the Holders of the Debt Securities in accordance with the terms hereof.

  • Payments by Wire-Transfer All payments under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement shall be made by wire-transfer in accordance with the wire-transfer instructions on Exhibit 4.

  • Purchase Price and Deposit The total purchase price ("Purchase Price") for the Property shall be an amount equal to $22,500,000.00, payable by Purchaser, as follows:

  • Payment by Wire Transfer So long as any Purchaser or its nominee shall be the holder of any Note, and notwithstanding anything contained in Section 14.1 or in such Note to the contrary, the Company will pay all sums becoming due on such Note for principal, Make-Whole Amount, if any, interest and all other amounts becoming due hereunder by the method and at the address specified for such purpose below such Purchaser’s name in the Purchaser Schedule, or by such other method or at such other address as such Purchaser shall have from time to time specified to the Company in writing for such purpose, without the presentation or surrender of such Note or the making of any notation thereon, except that upon written request of the Company made concurrently with or reasonably promptly after payment or prepayment in full of any Note, such Purchaser shall surrender such Note for cancellation, reasonably promptly after any such request, to the Company at its principal executive office or at the place of payment most recently designated by the Company pursuant to Section 14.1. Prior to any sale or other disposition of any Note held by a Purchaser or its nominee, such Purchaser will, at its election, either endorse thereon the amount of principal paid thereon and the last date to which interest has been paid thereon or surrender such Note to the Company in exchange for a new Note or Notes pursuant to Section 13.2. The Company will afford the benefits of this Section 14.2 to any Institutional Investor that is the direct or indirect transferee of any Note purchased by a Purchaser under this Agreement and that has made the same agreement relating to such Note as the Purchasers have made in this Section 14.2.

  • Wire Transfer Instructions At least two (2) Business Days prior to the Closing Date, Seller shall provide to Buyer wire transfer instructions designating a bank account and Federal Reserve ABA designation ID number, at a bank within the United States of America where the Closing Settlement Price shall be paid to the Qualified Intermediary.

  • Invoicing; Payment 13.1 The agreed prices are net of any applicable value-added tax. Invoices are to be issued for deliveries made and services provided. These invoices shall comply with the relevant statutory invoicing requirements according to the national value-added tax legislations to which the deliveries / services being invoiced are subject. If self-billing (evaluated receipt settlement) is agreed, the Contractor must transfer to the Principal all data required as per the applicable value-added tax legislation specified in advance.

  • Wire Instructions Subject to change in the same manner that a notice address may be changed (as to which, see Section 17.1), wire transfers to the Administrative Agent shall be made in accordance with the following wire instructions: Bank of America, N.A. ABA No. 026009593 Acct Name: Bank of America Retail Group Acct No. : 530-39952 Reference: Casual Male Retail Group