User Name Sample Clauses

User Name. Department . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : department Return address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Restrict to Local Network . . . . . . . : N Yes, No Restrict Attachments . . . . . . . . . . : P Yes, No, Partial Disable Purge Function . . . . . . . . : N Yes, No Mail Notification Delivery mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . : N (N)=Normal, (B)=Break, ( )=none
User Name. With certain exceptions, when you register for EB and SC, we will prefill your user name with your email address. It is your responsibility to choose your password wisely. If you have concerns or believe that someone is using your password without your authority, please immediately contact
User Name. This is used in the name field of the SIP URI for the 480i phone and for registering the 480i at the registrar.
User Name. For each license granted to You under this Agreement, You will be provided with a unique user name and password for use by You 5 Services. There are no services provided under this Agreement. You are responsible for installing REACH Delivery on your computer as permitted under this Agreement. On line and telephone support as may be made available by RDI from time to time will form part of the Reach Delivery Service. All other services do not form part of this agreement and must be purchased separately.

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Business Name Other than previously disclosed in writing to you I have not changed my name or principal place of business within the last 10 years and have not used any other trade or fictitious name. Without your prior written consent, I do not and will not use any other name and will preserve my existing name, trade names and franchises.
Company Name The name of the Company is “SYNCAP II, LLC.” The business of the Company may be conducted upon compliance with all applicable laws under any other name designated by the member(s).
Print Name Designation ....................................
Business Names Other than its full corporate name, Borrower has not conducted business using any trade names or fictitious business names except as shown on the Supplement.
Witness Name Occupation: Address: The Corporate Seal of the Secretary of State for Education, hereunto affixed is authenticated by: ..........................................
Trade Name “Capital One Auto Receivables, LLC” is the only trade name under which the Seller is currently operating its business. For the six (6) years (or such shorter period of time during which the Seller was in existence) preceding the date hereof, the Seller operated its business under the trade name “Capital One Auto Receivables, LLC”. “Capital One Auto Receivables, LLC” is the name of the Seller indicated on the public record of the Seller’s jurisdiction of organization which shows the Seller to have been organized.
Entity Names No Borrower has been known by any other company or corporate name, as applicable, in the past five (5) years and does not sell Inventory under any other name except as set forth on Schedule 5.6, nor has any Borrower been the surviving corporation or company, as applicable, of a merger or consolidation or acquired all or substantially all of the assets of any Person during the preceding five (5) years.
Changes in Locations, Name, etc Such Grantor will not, except upon 15 days’ (or such shorter period as may be agreed to by the Administrative Agent) prior written notice to the Administrative Agent and delivery to the Administrative Agent of (a) all additional executed financing statements and other documents reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent to maintain the validity, perfection and priority of the security interests provided for herein, and (b) if applicable, a written supplement to Schedule 4 showing the relevant new jurisdiction of organization, location of chief executive office or sole place of business, as appropriate:
USE OF NASA NAME AND NASA EMBLEMS A. NASA Name and Initials Partner shall not use "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" or "NASA" in a way that creates the impression that a product or service has the authorization, support, sponsorship, or endorsement of NASA, which does not, in fact, exist. Except for releases under the "Release of General Information to the Public and Media" Article, Partner must submit any proposed public use of the NASA name or initials (including press releases and all promotional and advertising use) to the NASA Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications or designee ("NASA Communications") for review and approval. Approval by NASA Office of Communications shall be based on applicable law and policy governing the use of the NASA name and initials.
Other Names As a reference, a Terms of Use Agreement is known by other names: • Terms of Service Agreement • Terms and Conditions • User Agreement • Statement of Rights and Responsibilities • Disclaimer • TOU • ToS • TOS