User Name Sample Clauses

User Name. For each license granted to You under this Agreement, You will be provided with a unique user name and password for use by You 5 Services. There are no services provided under this Agreement. You are responsible for installing REACH Delivery on your computer as permitted under this Agreement. On line and telephone support as may be made available by RDI from time to time will form part of the Reach Delivery Service. All other services do not form part of this agreement and must be purchased separately.
User Name. With certain exceptions, when you register for EB and SC, we will prefill your user name with your email address. It is your responsibility to choose your password wisely. If you have concerns or believe that someone is using your password without your authority, please immediately contact

Related to User Name

  • Company Name The Members may change the name of the Company or operate under different names, provided a majority of the Members agree and the name complies with Section 00-00-000 of the Act.

  • Print Name Designation ....................................

  • Business Names Other than its full corporate name, Borrower has not conducted business using any trade names or fictitious business names except as shown on the Supplement.

  • Xxxxx Fargo Name The Sub-Adviser and the Trust each agree that the name "Xxxxx Fargo," which comprises a component of the Trust's name, is a property right of the parent of the Adviser. The Trust agrees and consents that: (i) it will use the words "Xxxxx Fargo" as a component of its corporate name, the name of any series or class, or all of the above, and for no other purpose; (ii) it will not grant to any third party the right to use the name "Xxxxx Fargo" for any purpose; (iii) the Adviser or any corporate affiliate of the Adviser may use or grant to others the right to use the words "Xxxxx Fargo," or any combination or abbreviation thereof, as all or a portion of a corporate or business name or for any commercial purpose, other than a grant of such right to another registered investment company not advised by the Adviser or one of its affiliates; and (iv) in the event that the Adviser or an affiliate thereof is no longer acting as investment adviser to any Fund or class of a Fund, the Trust shall, upon request by the Adviser, promptly take such action as may be necessary to change its corporate name to one not containing the words "Xxxxx Fargo" and following such change, shall not use the words "Xxxxx Fargo," or any combination thereof, as a part of its corporate name or for any other commercial purpose, and shall use its best efforts to cause its trustees, officers and shareholders to take any and all actions that the Adviser may request to effect the foregoing and to reconvey to the Adviser any and all rights to such words.

  • Witness Name Address: The Corporate Seal of THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR EDUCATION affixed to this deed is authenticated by: ……………………….. Duly Authorised ANNEXES

  • CONTRACTOR NAME CHANGE An amendment is required to change the Contractor's name as listed on this Agreement. Upon receipt of legal documentation of the name change the State will process the amendment. Payment of invoices presented with a new name cannot be paid prior to approval of said amendment.

  • Changes in Locations, Name, etc The Borrower shall not (i) change the location of its chief executive office/chief place of business from that specified in Section 6 hereof or (ii) change its name, identity or corporate structure (or the equivalent) or change the location where it maintains its records with respect to the Collateral unless it shall have given the Lender at least 30 days prior written notice thereof and shall have delivered to the Lender all Uniform Commercial Code financing statements and amendments thereto as the Lender shall request and taken all other actions deemed necessary by the Lender to continue its perfected status in the Collateral with the same or better priority.

  • USE OF NASA NAME AND NASA EMBLEMS A. NASA Name and Initials Partner shall not use "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" or "NASA" in a way that creates the impression that a product or service has the authorization, support, sponsorship, or endorsement of NASA, which does not, in fact, exist. Except for releases under the "Release of General Information to the Public and Media" Article, Partner must submit any proposed public use of the NASA name or initials (including press releases and all promotional and advertising use) to the NASA Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications or designee ("NASA Communications") for review and approval. Approval by NASA Office of Communications shall be based on applicable law and policy governing the use of the NASA name and initials.

  • Other Names As a reference, a Terms of Use Agreement is known by other names: • Terms of Service Agreement • Terms and Conditions • User Agreement • Statement of Rights and Responsibilities • Disclaimer • TOU • ToS • TOS

  • Formation; Name The parties hereto formed a limited partnership under the Delaware Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act, as amended and in effect on February 22, 2007 (the “Act”). The name of the limited partnership is Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Managed Futures [LV/MV/HV], L.P. (the “Partnership”). Demeter, the previous general partner of the Partnership, has executed and filed a Certificate of Limited Partnership of the Partnership (the “Certificate of Limited Partnership”) in accordance with the Act, and the General Partner shall execute, file, record and publish as appropriate such amendments, assumed name certificates, and other documents as are or become necessary or advisable in connection with the operation of the Partnership, as determined by the General Partner, and shall take all steps which the General Partner shall deem necessary or advisable to allow the Partnership to conduct business as a limited partnership where the Partnership conducts business in any jurisdiction, and to otherwise provide that Limited Partners will have limited liability with respect to the activities of the Partnership in all such jurisdictions, and to comply with the laws of any such jurisdiction. Each Limited Partner hereby undertakes to furnish to the General Partner a power of attorney and such additional information as the General Partner may request to complete such documents and to execute and cooperate in the filing, recording, or publishing of such documents at the request of the General Partner.