Under Lease Sample Clauses

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  • Master Lease This Sublease must follow and is subject to the original lease agreement between the Sublessor and Landlord, a copy of which has been attached and is hereby referred to and incorporated as if it were set out here at length (“Master Lease”). The Sublessee agrees to assume all of the obligations and responsibilities of the Sublessor under the Master Lease for the duration of the Sublease. All disclosures and statements required by the State and listed in the Master Lease shall made part of this Sublease and, when attached, shall be considered disclosed to the Sublessee in accordance with State and local laws.

  • Ground Lease Reserved.

  • Prime Lease Landlord is the tenant under the Prime Lease identified in Section 1(F), bearing the date specified in Section 1(F). Landlord represents and warrants to Tenant that (a) Landlord has delivered to Tenant a full and complete copy of the Prime Lease, the Master Lease and all amendments thereto, and all other agreements between Prime Landlord and Landlord relating to the leasing, use and occupancy of the Premises, (b) the Prime Lease is, as of the date hereof, in full force and effect and (c) no event of default has occurred under the Prime Lease and, to Landlord's knowledge, no event has occurred and is continuing which would constitute an event of default but for the requirement of the giving of notice and/or the expiration of the period of time to cure.

  • Tenant’s Lease Default Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this Lease, if an event of default as described in the Lease or this Tenant Work Letter has occurred at any time on or before the Substantial Completion of the Premises, then (i) in addition to all other rights and remedies granted to Landlord pursuant to this Lease, Landlord shall have the right to withhold payment of all or any portion of the Tenant Improvement Allowance and/or Landlord may cause Contractor to cease the construction of the Premises (in which case, Tenant shall be responsible for any delay in the substantial completion of the Premises caused by such work stoppage), and (ii) all other obligations of Landlord under the terms of this Tenant Work Letter shall be forgiven until such time as such default is cured pursuant to the terms of this Lease (in which case, Tenant shall be responsible for any delay in the substantial completion of the Premises caused by such inaction by Landlord).

  • Sublease Sublandlord hereby subleases to Subtenant and Subtenant hereby subleases from Sublandlord for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the conditions set forth herein, the Subleased Premises.

  • New Lease In the event this Lease is terminated due to the default of Tenant, or in connection with the bankruptcy of any party hereto, or for any other reason, Landlord shall provide any Leasehold Mortgagee with written notice thereof and a statement of all defaults of Tenant then known to Landlord and any sums then due under this Lease or that would be due but for such termination. Upon written request by any Leasehold Mortgagee to Landlord within thirty (30) days after the receipt of such notice, Landlord and such Leasehold Mortgagee or its designee (the “New Tenant”) shall enter into a new lease (the “New Lease”) of the Property for the remainder of the term of this Lease, effective as of the date of termination, at the Rent and upon all the terms, covenants and conditions (including any options to renew, but excluding any requirements that are no longer applicable or that have already been fulfilled) of this Lease provided:

  • Condition of Subleased Premises (a) Subtenant has thoroughly inspected and examined the Subleased Premises, has elected to sublease the Subleased Premises from Sublandlord under the terms of this Sublease on a strictly “AS IS” and “with all faults” basis, and acknowledges that Sublandlord has no obligation to make any improvements or provide any furnishings or equipment to Subtenant in connection therewith, except that Sublandlord shall provide an allowance as described in Section 7 below. Sublandlord represents and warrants to Subtenant that on the Sublease Commencement Date, all systems, fixtures, and equipment located within the Subleased Premises and/or servicing the Subleased Premises shall be in good working order. Sublandlord hereby represents and warrants to Subtenant that, to Sublandlord’s knowledge as of the date of this Sublease, without investigation, Sublandlord has not received any notices from governmental authorities that the Subleased Premises: (i) are in violation of any environmental law, (ii) are in violation of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act with respect to access to the Subleased Premises, and (iii) are subject to any enforcement or correction order(s) issued by any governmental authority in connection with the generation, use, storage, treatment, or disposal of Hazardous Materials.

  • Sublease Agreement Sublandlord and Subtenant hereby represent that a true and complete copy of the Sublease Agreement is attached hereto and made a part hereof as Exhibit A.

  • Adjacent Premises If the Premises are part of a larger building, or of a group of buildings owned by Lessor which are adjacent to the Premises, the Lessee shall pay for any increase in the premiums for the property insurance of such building or buildings if said increase is caused by Lessee's acts, omissions, use or occupancy of the Premises.

  • Landlord’s Option as to Subject Space Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Article 14, in the event Tenant contemplates a Transfer other than to a Permitted Transferee which, together with all prior Transfers then remaining in effect, would cause fifty percent (50%) or more of the Premises to be Transferred for more than fifty percent (50%) of the then remaining Lease Term (taking into account any extension of the Lease Term which has irrevocably exercised by Tenant), Tenant shall give Landlord notice (the “Intention to Transfer Notice”) of such contemplated Transfer (whether or not the contemplated Transferee or the terms of such contemplated Transfer have been determined). The Intention to Transfer Notice shall specify the portion of and amount of rentable square feet of the Premises which Tenant intends to Transfer in the subject Transfer (the “Contemplated Transfer Space”), the contemplated date of commencement of the Contemplated Transfer (the “Contemplated Effective Date”), and the contemplated length of the term of such contemplated Transfer. Thereafter, Landlord shall have the option, by giving written notice to Tenant within thirty (30) days after receipt of any Intention to Transfer Notice, to recapture the Contemplated Transfer Space. Such recapture shall cancel and terminate this Lease with respect to such Contemplated Transfer Space as of the Contemplated Effective Date. In the event of a recapture by Landlord, if this Lease shall be canceled with respect to less than the entire Premises, the Rent reserved herein shall be prorated on the basis of the number of rentable square feet retained by Tenant in proportion to the number of rentable square feet contained in the Premises, and this Lease as so amended shall continue thereafter in full force and effect, and upon request of either party, the parties shall execute written confirmation of the same. If Landlord declines, or fails to elect in a timely manner, to recapture such Contemplated Transfer Space under this Section 14.4, then, subject to the other terms of this Article 14, for a period of nine (9) months (the “Nine Month Period”) commencing on the last day of such thirty (30) day period, Landlord shall not have any right to recapture the Contemplated Transfer Space with respect to any Transfer made during the Nine Month Period, provided that any such Transfer is substantially on the terms set forth in the Intention to Transfer Notice, and provided further that any such Transfer shall be subject to the remaining terms of this Article 14. If such a Transfer is not so consummated within the Nine Month Period (or if a Transfer is so consummated, then upon the expiration of the term of any Transfer of such Contemplated Transfer Space consummated within such Nine Month Period), Tenant shall again be required to submit a new Intention to Transfer Notice to Landlord with respect any contemplated Transfer, as provided above in this Section 14.4. Tenant shall not be required to provide a separate Intention to Transfer Notice and Tenant’s request for Landlord’s consent to a Transfer shall satisfy Tenant’s obligations in this Section 14.4.