Transitional Sample Clauses

Transitional. (a) The parties recognise that certain determinations (for example, the annualised amount of HCF and HCV) may have been made to date in respect of a current Financial Year before the variations in this deed were agreed.
Transitional. 7.14.1 On the effective date, the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council, the Dog Rib Rae band, the Whati First Nation band, the Gameti First Nation band and the Dechi Laot’i First Nations band cease to exist and are succeeded by the Tåîchô Government.
Transitional. In the instance of an employee being made redundant and their entitlement under clause 57.1 of this agreement is not met by the amount held in XXXX the employer will be required to pay the difference to the affected employee. For Clarity: Entitlement Under Clause 57.1 – XXXX balance = Amount Payable by the employer
Transitional arrangements
Transitional provisions
Transitional. We could instead use any XML language that can be described by DSD2 or DTD, for example WML if we want to apply the contract framework to WAP service development instead. Using the DSD2 language has the benefit that it allows more syntactic requirements to be formally captured than DTD or even XML Schema. For example, the DSD2 description of XHTML expresses the facts that form elements cannot be nested, that input elements must have a name attribute unless the value of type is submit or reset, and that the values of color attributes must be valid color descriptions. The full DSD2 schema is available at xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xx/DSD/ The templates shown in the example in Section 4.1 can be seen to fulfill the designer obligations induced by the contract in Figure 2. It is generally far from trivial to verify that the validity requirement is satisfied; in Section 5.2 we present an automatic and conservatively approximating approach.
Transitional. (2) A person who, immediately before the commencement of this section, held office as a Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner appointed under section 6 of the Xxxxxx- Xxxxxxx Basin Act 1983 continues to hold office for the remainder of the person's term of office as if the person had been appointed as a Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner, as the case may be, under section 6 of this Act.
Transitional. For Members of the bargaining unit described in Certificate No. MLB 6968, unless otherwise agreed, any proceedings or matter that commenced prior to the date of signing of this Agreement and that is affected by any provision of the immediately preceding Agreement shall be subject to and be dealt with by the provisions of the immediately preceding Agreement and not by this Agreement.
Transitional. Subject to Article 36, employees will receive an economic increase in salary of 1.25% on October 1, 2004. The salary bands in Appendix “A” shall apply until the day before the conversion date, March 31, 2005 and on April 1, 2005 they will be superseded by the rates referred to in Appendix “A-1”and these Pay Notes.
Transitional. A class of actions described in Item 2.1(a) of this Schedule 1 includes action where: the Tasmanian Minister has indicated in a written notice to the Commonwealth Minister under Xxxxxx 13 of the Previous Bilateral Agreement that the action would be assessed in the manner specified in Schedule 1 to the Previous Bilateral Agreement; and the relevant assessment process for that action had not been completed before the revocation of the Previous Bilateral Agreement. Assessment under the State Policies and Projects Xxx 0000 (Tas) Overview Any controlled action subject to this Agreement and assessed using the assessment approach described in Item 2.1(a)(i) of this Schedule 1 must also be subject to the additional requirements in this Item 3 of this Schedule 1. Assessment approach The Minister administering the State Policies and Projects Xxx 0000 (Tas) must give a written direction under section 20(1) to the Commission to undertake an integrated assessment of the proposed action as a project of State significance. The direction must provide that the process to be followed in undertaking the integrated assessment includes an environmental impact assessment component.