Transitional Sample Clauses

Transitional. (a) The parties recognise that certain determinations (for example, the annualised amount of HCF and HCV) may have been made to date in respect of a current Financial Year before the variations in this deed were agreed.
Transitional. 7.14.1 On the effective date, the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council, the Dog Rib Rae band, the Whati First Nation band, the Gameti First Nation band and the Dechi Laot’i First Nations band cease to exist and are succeeded by the Tåîchô Government.
Transitional. Between the date hereof and the Effective Date, the Chief Executive Officers of each of Acetex and AT Plastics shall agree on an organizational structure to be implemented as soon as practicable after the Effective Date and shall agree on the placement of individuals in respect of significant management positions. It is the intention of Acetex and AT Plastics that there be a reasonable sharing of employment positions for the combined business operations after the Effective Date; it being understood that determinations in respect of such positions shall be made in a manner consistent with the efficient operation of the combined business operations.
Transitional. (1) If immediately before the commencement of this Part a person is the holder of a wholesale tobacco merchant's licence or a retail tobacconist's licence issued or renewed under the principal Act in respect of a period beginning on or after that commencement, then on that commencement the person is to be taken to be the holder of a licence of the corresponding kind issued under the principal Act as amended by this Part for that period.
Transitional. Provisions
Transitional arrangements: Save as provided under “Security sharing” in Subsection 6 (Other Terms), the terms of the Facility will allow the Trading Co Group to put in place new trade finance facilities, on a bilateral or syndicated basis, at any time before the Termination Date, to allow either (a) a gradual refinancing and a transition out of the Facility or (b) a full refinancing. 109 SUBSECTION 4
Transitional. To the extent of the matters covered by this Agreement The First Credit Agreement shall be superseded by this Agreement and all amounts drawn down and advanced under the First Credit Agreement shall be deemed to have been advanced and secured under this Agreement.
Transitional. Subject to Article 36, employees will receive an economic increase in salary of 1.25% on October 1, 2004. The salary bands in Appendix “A” shall apply until the day before the conversion date, March 31, 2005 and on April 1, 2005 they will be superseded by the rates referred to in Appendix “A-1”and these Pay Notes.