Trades Sample Clauses

Trades. Operator may, with approval of the Operating Committee, make well trades and data trades for the benefit of the Parties, with any data so obtained to be furnished to all Parties who participated in the cost of the data that was traded. Operator shall cause any third party to such trade to enter into an undertaking to keep the traded data confidential.
Trades. 1. Millwrights - 4 year program 2. Heavy Duty Mechanics - 4 year program
Trades. An employee may have another employee cover the employee's shift that the employee would have taken off as a sick day. Trades shall only be made between employees in the same classification. All trades must have prior approval of the employee's supervisor. Up to twelve (12) hours prior notice must be provided for trades. Trades cannot create overtime. The person accepting the trade will be assessed one (1) sick day if that person does not report to work in accordance with the trade.
Trades. 6.1 The Client shall place Trades from time to time on theTrading Platform. By placing a Trade on the Trading Platform, the Client warrants that he has read and understood these Terms and Conditions, the Risk Disclosure Statement, the FSP Disclosure andthe Schedules applicable to the Trade Agreement.
Trades. A. The City agrees to continue the practice of allowing employees to trade work schedules, subject to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Disputes regarding the impact of trade(s) upon hours worked for retirement/overtime computation purposes, shall be resolved by reference to the records maintained by the Department Payroll.
Trades. (d) For all other purposes the work unit shall be defined as a terminal, office or workshop.
Trades. Time trades are voluntary arrangements between employees covered by this Agreement. Employees shall be permitted to trade time subject to the following: The employee shall notify the department in a manner prescribed by the Department at least 48 hours in advance of the time trade. In the event it is impossible for the employee to provide notice at least 48 hours in advance, the Shift Commander may approve time trades with less than the required notice provided that employees shall complete the prescribed notification process prior to the time trade occurring. Documentation for stand by and/or time trades made on an employee’s duty day shall be reasonably accommodated by the Shift Commander. Time trades between members on the same shift shall be allowed irrespective of rank or assignment. All time trades by employees assigned to the same shift shall be for 24 hours. Time trades between members from different shifts shall normally be between employees of the same rank and similar assignment unless otherwise approved by the Shift Commander of the employee normally assigned to the shift. Employees on duty as the result of a time trade are expected to perform the duties of the employee normally on duty. In the event an employee on duty as the result of a trade time is unable to perform the duties of the employee normally on duty, the Department may reassign the individual on duty to a different job assignment. Employees on duty as the result of a trade time shall be eligible to utilize accrued leave benefits in the same manner employees normally on duty. Employees trading time for less than 24 hours, who are on duty, shall remain on duty until relieved by the employee they are trading time with unless otherwise authorized by the Shift Commander. Employees may not be absent from their regular shift assignment for more that 240 hours per calendar year as a result of time trades unless approved by the Chief or his designee.
Trades. Trade scheduled hours with other scheduled nurses subject to the procedural approval of the manager, provided a true trade in hours occurs and provided that each of the nurses involved is qualified to perform the work.
Trades. By placing a Trade with Centtrip, the Client agrees to: (a) pay all applicable Trade transaction related fees and charges as set out in the fees section of the Online Platform (b) reaffirm the Client’s representations in Clause 9 below; and (c) confirm the accuracy of the information in the Client’s Account Application. Upon receipt of a Trade submitted in accordance with Centtrip’s Trade process, Centtrip will issue a Confirmation to the Client confirming the Trade as stated in the Confirmation. The Client will also be able to view details of the trade within the Online System. The Client acknowledges that the Client is solely responsible for the accuracy of the Trade and agrees to keep copies of any Trades transmitted to Centtrip. The Client assumes all risk that the Trade is altered during its transmission and agrees to carefully review the Confirmation. Subject to this Agreement, Centtrip is under no obligation to provide any Service unless a Confirmation has been delivered to the Client.
Trades. Employees may substitute for other employees or themselves and work each others’ shifts or Xxxxx days provided they give one (1) working day’s notice for a full-day trade in writing to the shift commander. The notice of the trade does not need to explain the reason for the trade. Trading with another firefighter or captain is not subject to the approval of the shift commander, who can, however, challenge the trade for lack of competence of the substituting employee for the job. Captains can obtain captains or acting captains of equal or greater competence to substitute for them; and firefighters can obtain firefighters or captains of equal or greater competence to substitute for them. Partial trades for periods of less than 24 hours shall not require prior approval, but shall require prior notice to the shift commander in accordance with past practice. The City shall not be required to pay any overtime to any employee, or any wages in excess of those which would have been paid to the originally scheduled employee, as the result of any trade. The employee who works the holiday in trade with another employee receives the premium pay. Any trade that would jeopardize the ability of the City to keep all of the fire stations open may be rejected by the Chief.