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This Policy. This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) sets out the rules governing a Customer or Users (“you” or “your”) use of the Services and the Platform. By using the Platform or the Services, you agree to the rules set out in this Policy. Capitalised terms in this AUP shall have the meaning set out in the Terms and Conditions.
This Policy. This Policy is an important document and should be kept in a safe place. Please read it carefully so that You understand the insurance provided.
This Policy a. ENTIRE POLICY This Policy, together with the Group application and the applications of the Covered Persons, constitute the entire agreement for coverage.
This Policy 

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  • SPAM POLICY You are strictly prohibited from using the Website or any of the Company's Services for illegal spam activities, including gathering email addresses and personal information from others or sending any mass commercial emails.

  • R&W Policy The Buyer and its Affiliates shall cause the R&W Policy to be bound effective as of the Closing. The Buyer shall timely pay all premiums and other amounts required to cause the R&W Policy to become effective in accordance with its terms. The Buyer will not, and will cause its Affiliates not to, amend, waive or otherwise modify the R&W Policy in any manner that is adverse to the Sellers without the prior written consent of the Seller Representative. The R&W Policy shall provide that the R&W Insurer shall have no subrogation right, entitlement of privilege, or any recourse whatsoever, against the Sellers or their Affiliates pursuant to this Agreement, the R&W Policy, the negotiation, execution or performance of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby, or otherwise, except against a Seller in the case of a matter arising directly from such Seller’s actual Fraud. Following the Closing, the Buyer shall not modify or amend the R&W Policy’s subrogation or third-party beneficiary provisions benefitting the Sellers or their Affiliates in any manner without the prior written consent of the Seller Representative.

  • EMPLOYMENT POLICY 6.01 The Union and the Employer will cooperate in maintaining a desirable and competent labour force. The Employer will notify the Union of labour requirements giving as much prior notice as possible. The Union will provide a list of manpower available. The Employer at its discretion may hire employees listed or from other sources.

  • Policy Because the volume of human genomic and phenotypic data maintained in these repositories is substantial and, in some instances, potentially sensitive (e.g., data related to the presence or risk of developing particular diseases or conditions and information regarding family relationships or ancestry), data must be shared in a manner consistent with the research participants’ informed consent, and the confidentiality of the data and the privacy of participants must be protected. Access to human genomic data will be provided to research investigators who, along with their institutions, have certified their agreement with the expectations and terms of access detailed below. NIH expects that, through Data Access Request (DAR) process, approved users of controlled-access datasets recognize any restrictions on data use established by the Submitting Institutions through the Institutional Certification, and as stated on the dbGaP study page. Definitions of the underlined terminology in this document are found in section 13. The parties to this Agreement include: the Principal Investigator (PI) requesting access to the genomic study dataset (an “Approved User”), the PI’s home institution (the “Requester”) as represented by the Institutional Signing Official designated through the eRA Commons system, and the NIH. The effective date of this Agreement shall be the DAR Approval Date, as specified in the notification of approval of the Data Access Committee (DAC).

  • Harassment Policy It is the policy of CUPE as an Employer to ensure that the working environment is conducive to the performance of work and is such that employees are not hindered from carrying out their responsibilities. The Employer considers harassment in the work force to be a totally unacceptable form of intimidation and will not tolerate its occurrence. The Employer will ensure that victims of harassment are able to register complaints without reprisal. Harassment is a form of discrimination and includes personal harassment. Harassment shall be defined as any improper behaviour by a person which is offensive to any employee and which that person knows or ought reasonably to have known would be inappropriate or unwelcome. It comprises objectionable conduct, comment or display made on either a one-time or continuous basis that demeans, belittles or causes personal humiliation or embarrassment to an employee. The parties to this Agreement will work together to ensure that all employees, and CUPE members understand their personal responsibility to promote a harassment-free working environment. Appendix “U”, herein below shall be followed respecting matters referred to directly herein.

  • Safety Policy Each employer is required by law to have a safety policy and program. TIR will ask for and may require a copy of that policy and program.

  • Umbrella Policies Contractor may satisfy basic coverage limits through any combination of basic coverage and umbrella insurance.