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These include. (i) fuel, electrical, catalysts and solvents;
These include o All traffic originating in the Birmingham area or south and west of Birmingham, which now moves via Atlanta-Charlotte-Greensboro and north, could be routed via Chattanooga-Knoxville-Bristol. o Traffic originating in the Atlanta area or coming from points southeast of Atlanta could move via Rome-Knoxville-Bristol. o Traffic originating northeast of Atlanta but south of the North Carolina border could move by Saluda-Asheville; o Some traffic could be interchanged to another railroad for rerouting; and finally, o NS would give up some marginal traffic which cannot bear the cost of rerouting. CSI does not have information to what extent traffic dispersion or traffic loss might occur, but is safe to assume that less than 100 percent of overhead traffic between Charlotte and Greensboro would be rerouted via Charlotte - Winston-Salem - Greensboro. Thus CSI's estimate of incremental costs of traffic diversion are the maximum NS might incur as a result of re-routing.
These include. Codex Standards• Trade Association Standards• Retailer’s Standards• Small Business Standards Trusted sources
These include. The Medical Amendment Act This Act re-establishes the educational register for the CPSM. The educational register will now permit undergraduate medical students, postgraduate residents who are not eligible for full registration and physician assistant Masters students to see patients. These individuals must all now register with the College upon their first entry into Manitoba. As members are aware, the Faculty of Medicine, in conjunction with the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, has been operating a Masters program for physician assistants during the past year. In their second year, the physician assistant learners will be seeing patients. In order to do that, they require College registration. We look forward to the graduation of this first class next spring. Manitoba is one of only two provinces in the country to educate physician assistant learners and is the only province to have a full masters program in place. When I presented these programs last winter at a national meeting of the Canadian Medical This newsletter is forwarded to every licensed medical practitioner in the Province of Manitoba. Decisions of the College on matters of standards, amendments to regulations, by-laws, etc., are published in the newsletter. The College therefore expects that all practitioners shall be aware of these matters. Association, Manitoba was highly praised for its thoughtful, proactive work to provide physician assistants to work as physician extenders in the Province of Manitoba. In addition, this legislation will create a physician assistant register for those who are certified physician assistants. This means they have graduated from an approved physician assistant training program in Canada or the U.S. Finally, the clinical assistant register will remain for those individuals who have been approved for non-certified clinical assistant positions. These individuals are either international medical graduates, members of a regulated health profession licensed in Manitoba or the highest level of emergency medical attendant. As this newsletter goes to print, we are approving the regulation for these changes. With Cabinet approval, they should be active by September 2009. ▪ The Labour Mobility Act There has been intense discussion across the country about the Agreement on Internal Trade (Labour Mobility) over the past 18 months. In 1999, all the medical regulatory authorities in Canada signed an agreement saying that there would be cross-border movement of anyone wh...

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  • Include Whenever the words “include”, “includes” or “including” are used herein, they shall be deemed to be followed by the words “without limitation.”

  • Singular, Plural, Gender References to one gender include all genders and references to the singular include the plural and vice versa.

  • References to Time All references in this Agreement to times of the day shall be to New York City time.

  • On-Call Pay For each assigned hour or part thereof, of authorized on-call duty, an employee shall be paid:

  • Gender Words used herein regardless of the number and gender specifically used, shall be deemed and construed to include any other number, singular or plural, and any other gender, masculine, feminine or neuter, as the context requires.