The Aggregation Sample Clauses

The Aggregation. The Aggregation referred to herein shall mean all customer groups that Agent establishes under this Agreement or Section VI of the Company’s tariffs.
The Aggregation. The aggregation referred to herein shall mean an aggregation pool that Agent establishes under this Agreement.
The Aggregation of control systems refers to the way that the information is processed and communicated. Information could be aggregated in a way which makes the understanding and analysis of the information easier. Aggregated information becomes useful in decentralised organisations, as well as in uncertain environments.

Related to The Aggregation

  • Shortfalls In the event that the balance referred to in clause 11.1 is insufficient to pay in full the whole of the Outstanding Indebtedness, the Mortgagee shall be entitled to collect the shortfall from the Owner or any other person liable for the time being therefore.

  • Excess The Lenders through the Agent will pay to the Borrower the amount, if any, after netting out all amounts due by the Borrower under Section 22.4(a), which the Lenders may realize in excess of what is owed to them by virtue of the conversion of the Original Currency into the Second Currency.

  • Shift Differential Pay Employees in the classifications listed in Appendix D are eligible for differential pay when working during the following hours