Sweeping Sample Clauses

Sweeping. A properly swept floor shall be free of all dirt, dust, gum, grit, lint, and debris.
Sweeping. 7. Assist the customer in handling his or her purchases at the checkout stands or counter.
Sweeping. A properly swept floor is free of all dirt, dust, grit, lint and debris except imbedded dirt and grit.
Sweeping. 7. Assist the customer in handling his or her purchases.
Sweeping. All impervious surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, etc. are to be swept clean of debris, sediment, sand, litter and other possible pollutants at least semi-annually as described below, and at other times as necessary:
Sweeping. 2.6 The Client may setup the following Sweeping types on each Participant Account:
Sweeping. Sweeping is defined as the removal of loose dirt, dust, debris and other foreign material through either manual or mechanized methods as appropriate for the location and situation. Standard: When properly completed a swept area will be free of all loose dirt, dust, debris or other foreign material with no build up in corners, crevices, under of' around furniture parts. All items moved to remove dirt, etc. will be returned to their original location.
Sweeping. No Lessee shall sweep or throw or permit to be swept or thrown from the Premises including porches, windows, and doorways, any dirt or other substances into any of the corridors, halls, or into the yard area or on the porch area of any other Lessee.
Sweeping. Swept areas must be free of litter, dust, and foreign debris, including all exposed corners. Wastebaskets, trash containers, and other movable objects must be moved and the areas under such objects swept. On floors with a smooth surface, including tile and interior sealed concrete, Contractor may dust mop instead of sweeping.
Sweeping. One (1) additional sweeping shall be performed one (1) calendar day after the application of the Type II/Latex Modified Slurry Seal. Contractor’s failure to provide adequate sweeping shall result in County performing said work at Contractor’s sole expense, which shall be deducted from any monies due to Contractor. Sweeping by County forces shall not relieve Contractor of any liability arising from its failure to comply with these specifications. MICRO SEAL SPECIFICATIONS