STOPS Sample Clauses

STOPS. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Operating Expenses shall not include any costs and expenses (collectively, the "Stopped Expenses") paid by Landlord for (i) real estate taxes levied against the Property, or (ii) premiums for insurance provided by Landlord relating to the Property and/or the Building, except to the extent either category of Stopped Expenses exceeds the corresponding amount of Stopped Expenses for such category in 1995.
STOPS. X. XXXXXXX and BEAUMONT agree to cooperate in the location, installation and maintenance of the following jointly used bus stops, including the use of the other’s sign posts:
STOPS. A network of on-street and off-street public and private fleet vehicle stop locations is provided by ATN. All signage responsibilities shall be with ATN.
STOPS a. At no time shall a driver disembark a special education student at an address other than specified (unless authorized to do so in advance in writing by Alameda Unified School District Special Education Department). Additionally, a child will not be dropped off at any location without a receiving adult in attendance unless a Release From Responsibility Form has been executed by the student's parent or guardian. Alameda Unified's Special Education Department will notify CONTRACTOR when a completed Release From Responsibility Form has been executed. In the event a claim, suit or other legal proceeding is filed alleging liability based on leaving a student without a receiving adult in attendance and no Release From Responsibility Form has been signed by the parent/guardian and CONTRACTOR has been properly advised, the CONTRACTOR shall be solely responsible for defense of any such action and for the payment of any judgment that may be rendered.
STOPS. A. AGENCY and CITY agree to cooperate in the location, installation and maintenance of all jointly used bus stops, including use of the other’s poles and posts at joint transfer points.
STOPS. No stops shall be made between the Project Site and the ----- destination within an Easement Parcel, except to pass through gates or for emergency reasons.

Related to STOPS

  • Logging The ISP will require the maintenance of network and application logs as part of BNY Mellon’s security information and event management processes. Logs are retained in accordance with law applicable to BNY Mellon’s provision of the services as well as BNY Mellon’s applicable policies. BNY Mellon uses various tools in conjunction with such logs, which may include behavioral analytics, security monitoring case management, network traffic monitoring and analysis, IP address management and full packet capture.

  • Tickets Each Ticket represents a limited, revocable license to enter the Venue to attend the specific Event listed on the applicable Ticket. No person, except for attendees under the age of three, may enter the Venue without a Ticket, and re-entry is prohibited. Failure to comply with this Agreement shall result in forfeiture of this license and all rights arising hereunder without refund or credit and shall entitle KSE to pursue all legal remedies available.

  • Load Shedding The systematic reduction of system demand by temporarily decreasing load in response to transmission system or area capacity shortages, system instability, or voltage control considerations under Part II or Part III of the Tariff.

  • Problems To endeavour to resolve in a fair and just manner any problems, grievances or difficulties which may be encountered while you volunteer with us; In the event of an unresolved problem, to offer an opportunity to discuss the issues in accordance with the procedures set out in the Volunteers Handbook. Part 2 The volunteer I, …………………………………………..(full name in capitals), agree to be a volunteer with AnyOrg and commit to the following: To help AnyOrg fulfil its (write in your service here). To perform my volunteering role to the best of my ability To adhere to the organisation’s rules, procedures and standards, including health and safety procedures and its equal opportunities policy in relation to its staff, volunteers and clients. To maintain the confidential information of the organisation and of its clients. To meet the time commitments and standards undertaken, other than in exceptional circumstances, and provide reasonable notice so that alternative arrangement can be made. To provide referees, as agreed, who may be contacted, and to agree to a police check being carried out where necessary. My agreed voluntary time commitment is ………………………………….. This agreement is binding in honour only, is not intended to be legally binding contract between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future. Agreed to: …………………………. ………………………… Volunteer signature On behalf of (AnyOrg) Date:

  • System Logging The system must maintain an automated audit trail which can 20 identify the user or system process which initiates a request for PHI COUNTY discloses to 21 CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY, 22 or which alters such PHI. The audit trail must be date and time stamped, must log both successful and 23 failed accesses, must be read only, and must be restricted to authorized users. If such PHI is stored in a 24 database, database logging functionality must be enabled. Audit trail data must be archived for at least 3 25 years after occurrence.

  • Tracking The Company shall use reasonable endeavours to track all the leads delivered to Client. In the event that the Company’s tracking data should not correspond to any external tracking data, the tracking data of the Company shall take precedence.

  • Coaching Informal discussion or instruction between employee and their immediate supervisor. Supervisor may follow up in writing which may include a simple action plan. This is not a form of corrective action.

  • Host A host where SSH server is activated. Note: The host name in the General tab should be set relatively to the SSH server which provided by your database hosting company. Port A port where SSH server is activated, by default it is 22. User Name

  • Procurement of the Site 10.3.1 Pursuant to the notice specified in Clause 4.1.2, the Authority Representative and the Concessionaire shall, on a mutually agreed date and time, inspect the Site and prepare a memorandum containing an inventory of the Site including the vacant and unencumbered land, buildings, structures, road works, trees and any other immovable property on or attached to the Site. Such memorandum shall have appended thereto an appendix (the “Appendix”) specifying in reasonable detail those parts of the Site to which vacant access and Right of Way has not been granted to the Concessionaire. Signing of the memorandum, in two counterparts (each of which shall constitute an original), by the authorised representatives of the Parties shall, subject to the provisions of Clause 10.2.2, be deemed to constitute a valid licence and Right of Way to the Concessionaire for free and unrestricted use and development of the vacant and unencumbered Site during the Concession Period under and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and for no other purpose whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt, it is agreed that valid licence and Right of Way with respect to the parts of the Site as set forth in the Appendix shall be deemed to have been granted to the Concessionaire upon vacant access thereto being provided by the Authority to the Concessionaire.

  • Problem Solving Employees and supervisors are encouraged to attempt to resolve on an informal basis, at the earliest opportunity, a problem that could lead to a grievance. If the matter is not resolved by informal discussion, or a problem-solving meeting does not occur, it may be settled in accordance with the grievance procedure. Unless mutually agreed between the Employer and the Union problem-solving discussions shall not extend the deadlines for filing a grievance. The Union Xxxxxxx or in their absence, the Local Union President, or Area Xxxxxxx, or Chief Xxxxxxx, either with the employee or alone, shall present to the appropriate supervisor a written request for a meeting. If the supervisor agrees to a problem- solving meeting, this meeting shall be held within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the request. The supervisor, employee, Union Xxxxxxx, and up to one (1) other management person shall attempt to resolve the problem through direct and forthright communication. If another member of management is present that person will not be hearing the grievance at Step Two, should it progress to that Step. The employee, the Union Xxxxxxx or in their absence, the Local Union President, or Area Xxxxxxx, or Chief Xxxxxxx, may participate in problem-solving activities on paid time, in accordance with Article 31, Union Rights, Section 1H.