Stop Work Termination Sample Clauses

Stop Work Termination 

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  • Contract Termination debarment. A breach of the contract clauses in 29 CFR 5.5 may be grounds for termination of the contract, and for debarment as a contractor and a subcontractor as provided in 29 CFR 5.12.

  • CFR PART 200 Termination Termination for cause and for convenience by the grantee or subgrantee including the manner by which it will be effected and the basis for settlement. (All contracts in excess of $10,000) Pursuant to the above, when federal funds are expended by ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members, ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members reserves the right to terminate any agreement in excess of $10,000 resulting from this procurement process for cause after giving the vendor an appropriate opportunity and up to 30 days, to cure the causal breach of terms and conditions. ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members reserves the right to terminate any agreement in excess of $10,000 resulting from this procurement process for convenience with 30 days notice in writing to the awarded vendor. The vendor would be compensated for work performed and goods procured as of the termination date if for convenience of the ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members. Any award under this procurement process is not exclusive and the ESC Region 8 and TIPS reserves the right to purchase goods and services from other vendors when it is in the best interest of the ESC Region 8 and TIPS. Does vendor agree? Yes

  • Early Contract Termination The State may terminate this contract in whole or in part by giving fifteen (15) days written notice to the Purchaser when it is in the best interests of the State. If this contract is so terminated, the State shall be liable only for the return of that portion of the initial deposit that is not required for payment, and the return of unapplied payments. The State shall not be liable for damages, whether direct or consequential.

  • Agreement Termination In the event Contractor is unable to fulfill its responsibilities under this Agreement for any reason whatsoever, including circumstances beyond its control, County may terminate this Agreement in whole or in part in the same manner as for breach hereof.

  • Company Termination The Company may at any time in its sole discretion terminate (a “Company Termination”) this Agreement and its right to initiate future Tranches by providing 30 days advanced written notice (“Termination Notice”) to Investor.

  • Partial Termination The performance of work under this Contract may be terminated by the Government, in part, whenever the Government shall deem such termination advisable by providing [insert number of days in words] [(insert number of days in numerals)] days written notice to the Contractor. This partial termination shall be effected by delivering to the Contractor a Notice of Partial Termination specifying the extent to which the term and/or duties under this Contract are terminated and the date upon which such termination becomes effective. The Contractor shall be entitled to receive payment for services provided to the date of termination, including payment for the period of the [insert number of days in words] [(insert number of days in numerals)] day notice.

  • Purchase Termination If (i) TRS shall file a petition or commence a Proceeding (A) to take advantage of any Debtor Relief Law or (B) for the appointment of a trustee, conservator, receiver, liquidator, or similar official for or relating to TRS or all or substantially all of its property, (ii) TRS shall consent or fail to object to any such petition filed or Proceeding commenced against or with respect to it or all or substantially all of its property, or any such petition or Proceeding shall not have been dismissed within sixty (60) days of its filing or commencement, or a court, agency, or other supervisory authority with jurisdiction shall have decreed or ordered relief with respect to any such petition or Proceeding, (iii) TRS shall be unable, or shall admit in writing its inability, to pay its debts generally as they become due, (iv) TRS shall make an assignment for the benefit of its creditors or (v) TRS shall voluntarily suspend payment of its obligations (each, an “Insolvency Event”); then TRS shall immediately cease to sell Receivables to RFC VIII and shall promptly give notice to RFC VIII, the Owner Trustee and the Indenture Trustee of such Insolvency Event. Notwithstanding any cessation of the sale to RFC VIII of additional Receivables, Receivables sold to RFC VIII prior to the occurrence of such Insolvency Event and Collections in respect of such Receivables shall continue to be property of RFC VIII available for transfer by RFC VIII to the Trust pursuant to the Transfer Agreement. To the extent that it is not clear to TRS whether collections relate to a Receivable that was sold to RFC VIII or to a receivable that TRS has not sold to RFC VIII, TRS agrees that it shall allocate payments on each Account with respect to the principal balance of such Account first to the oldest principal balance of such Account. [END OF ARTICLE VIII]

  • License Termination Licensee may terminate this agreement upon forty-five (45) days written notice if (a) Licensor breaches a material term of this Agreement and fails to remedy said breach within thirty (30) days of his receipt of written notice of the breach; (b) Licensor becomes insolvent or files a petition in bankruptcy; (c) Licensee determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, to discontinue production and distribution of the Products; (d) Licensor becomes the subject of public dispute or scandal that affects Licensor's image. Injury(ies) or illness of said Licensor shall not in any way affect the validity of this Agreement.

  • Term Termination 8.1 This Agreement shall be effective as of the date hereof and shall continue in force until terminated in accordance with the provisions herein.

  • Lease Termination Except as provided in this Section 9.04, upon expiration or earlier termination of this Lease Tenant shall surrender the Premises to Landlord in the same condition as existed on the date Tenant first occupied the Premises, (whether pursuant to this Lease or an earlier lease), subject to reasonable wear and tear. All Alterations shall become a part of the Premises and shall become the property of Landlord upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, unless Landlord shall, by written notice given to Tenant, require Tenant to remove some or all of Tenant’s Alterations, in which event Tenant shall promptly remove the designated Alterations and shall promptly repair any resulting damage, all at Tenant’s sole expense. All business and trade fixtures, machinery and equipment, furniture, movable partitions and items of personal property owned by Tenant or installed by Tenant at its expense in the Premises shall be and remain the property of Tenant; upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Tenant shall, at its sole expense, remove all such items and repair any damage to the Premises or the Building caused by such removal. If Tenant fails to remove any such items (“Abandoned Items”) or repair such damage promptly after the expiration or earlier termination of the Lease, Landlord may, but need not, do so with no liability to Tenant, and Tenant shall pay Landlord the cost thereof upon demand. Tenant agrees to indemnify Landlord for any and all loss, cost, damage, liability or expense as incurred (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and legal costs) arising out of or related to any claim, suit or judgment brought by or in favor of any person or persons for damage, loss or expense which arises out of, is occasioned by or is in any way attributable to the Abandoned Items. Notwithstanding the foregoing to the contrary, in the event that Landlord gives its consent, pursuant to the provisions of Section 9.01 of this Lease, to allow Tenant to make an Alteration in the Premises, Landlord agrees, upon Tenant’s written request, to notify Tenant in writing at the time of the giving of such consent whether Landlord will require Tenant, at Tenant’s cost, to remove such Alteration at the end of the Lease Term.