SPOT Sample Clauses

SPOT. This SPOT service can only be subscribed to after the twentieth (20th) day of Month M-1 for Month M. For any Shipper that has subscribed to the SPOT service, the Send-Out profile for Month M is determined by the Operator so as to correspond to the request from the Shipper subject to its impact on the Send-Outs from other Shippers complying with the rules described in Appendix 6, article 2. For Month M+1 and for the quantities remaining at the end of Month M (Shared Stock Level), the Shipper benefits from the services and options defined in paragraphs 6.2, 8.1 and 8.2 and said quantities will be issued in Month M+1 according to the SMART rules described in Appendix 6, article 1.
SPOT. Regasification service, reserved for subscribed Unloadings, for a Given Month M, after the twentieth (20th) Day of Month M-1 as described in paragraph 6.1.2 of the General Terms and Conditions.
SPOT. SPOT contracts are often applied during peak seasons when the existing capacities are no longer sufficient. This contract type consists of the same elements as the COA, but operates through shorter notice-time. The vessels are no longer managed by the charterer, but by the ship-owners, who determines whether they accept to complete the order or reject it. The SPOT prices are dependent on the market situation (supply and demand). However, it is considered as very expensive in the long run (in general 4 times as high as TC-contracts, and 2 times the cost of COA) and therefore used only in specific situations when other vessel capacity is not available.
SPOT. An agreement to exchange sums of currency at an agreed-on exchange rate on a value date that is within two bank business days’ time.
SPOT. Cost components not included in the Contract Price, but incurred by Seller will be billed to Buyer at the applicable market rate. FUEL ON INTERSTATE PIPELINE - Will be billed by Seller to Buyer at the monthly index price for gas delivered to the Delivery point specified herein. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERMINATION PROVISIONS The initial term of this agreement is as stated under CONTRACT TERM. Unless terminated by either party giving 60 days written notice to the other party, this contract will automatically renew for additional two-year terms, beginning April 1 of each year and continuing through March 31 of the end of the term year. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Related to SPOT

  • Rate of Exchange The term "rate of exchange" in this Section 12 means the rate at which the Administrative Agent in accordance with its normal practices is able on the relevant date to purchase Dollars with the judgment currency and includes any premium and costs of exchange payable in connection with such purchase.

  • Quotations Unless otherwise agreed any quotation given will normally remain valid for a period of 30 days from the date it is provided to you. We reserve the right to withdraw a quotation in certain circumstances, for example, where the insurer has altered their premium or terms for the insurance since the quotation was given or if a claim / incident has occurred since the terms were offered.

  • Exchange Rate The transfers referred to in Articles 6 to 8 of this Agreement shall be effected at the prevailing market rate in freely convertible currency on the date of transfer

  • Currency All sums of money which are referred to in this Agreement are expressed in lawful money of Canada, unless otherwise specified.

  • Rate Quotations The Borrower may call the Administrative Agent on or before the date on which a Loan Request is to be delivered to receive an indication of the rates then in effect, but it is acknowledged that such projection shall not be binding on the Administrative Agent or the Lenders nor affect the rate of interest which thereafter is actually in effect when the election is made.

  • Exchange Rates (a) Not later than 1:00 p.m., New York City time, on each Calculation Date, the Administrative Agent shall (i) determine the Exchange Rate as of such Calculation Date with respect to Canadian Dollars, Sterling or Euro and (ii) give notice thereof to the Lenders and the Company. The Exchange Rates so determined shall become effective on the first Business Day immediately following the relevant Calculation Date (a “Reset Date”), shall remain effective until the next succeeding Reset Date, and shall for all purposes of this Agreement (other than Section 10.14 or any other provision expressly requiring the use of a current Exchange Rate) be the Exchange Rates employed in converting any amounts between US Dollars and Canadian Dollars, Sterling or Euro.

  • Currency Exchange With reference to point 17.2 of the general terms the following applies outside the Nordic Countries. Transactions in another currency than the selected currency of the account are converted into the selected currency. The exchange rate shall consist of a reference exchange rate, which Eurocard receives from Mastercard, applicable on the date on which the transaction reaches Mastercard, in addition to a currency exchange supplement as specified in the pricelist. Another currency exchange rate may exceptionally apply. The account holder shall be liable for any currency risk during the period from the purchase until the transaction is handled by Mastercard. The reference exchange rate, which will alter continually, shall be provided by Eurocard at the account holder’s request. With regard to transactions that have been made in another currency, the account holder may be given the opportunity by the merchant to authorise the transaction with the merchant in the selected currency. In such a situation, the account holder shall be aware that the amount authorised is the amount that will be posted to the account. Eurocard has no knowledge of and shall not be liable for the conversion that is performed into the selected currency. Please note that the exchange rate that is applied is often a less favorable rate than the one Eurocard would apply to the same transaction.

  • Foreign Currency Exchange Unless the Depositor shall otherwise direct, whenever funds are received by the Trustee in foreign currency, upon the receipt thereof or, if such funds are to be received in respect of a sale of Securities, concurrently with the contract of the sale for the Security (in the latter case the foreign exchange contract to have a settlement date coincident with the relevant contract of sale for the Security), the Trustee shall enter into a foreign exchange contract for the conversion of such funds to U.S. dollars pursuant to the instruction of the Depositor. The Trustee shall have no liability for any loss or depreciation resulting from action taken pursuant to such instruction."