Quotations Sample Clauses

Quotations. Where this Agreement is used by Seller to place a bid, Seller’s quotation is for prompt acceptance and Seller may change and/or withdraw without notice. Buyer’s prompt acceptance of the quotation is a material term of the bid and any subsequent agreement. In cases where freight allowance is included in the quotation, Buyer is liable for any rate increase and/or additional expense over the calculated allowance resulting from compliance with Buyer’s shipping instructions.
Quotations. Quotations are only valid in writing and for 30 days from the date of the quotation. All quotations are subject to change or withdrawal without prior notice to Purchaser. Quotations are made subject to approval of Purchaser’s credit. ITW may refuse orders and has no obligation to supply Products or Services unless ITW issues an order acknowledgement or upon the shipment of Products or commencement of Services.
Quotations. If on any occasion a Reference Bank or Bank fails to supply the Agent with a quotation required of it under the foregoing provisions of this Agreement, the rate for which such quotation was required shall be determined from those quotations which are supplied to the Agent, PROVIDED THAT, in relation to determining LIBOR, this Clause 35.2 shall not apply if only one Reference Bank supplies a quotation.
Quotations. Prices, specifications and delivery date referenced in Supplier's Quotations are for information only and shall not be binding on Supplier until all technical requirements have been agreed and Supplier has accepted Buyer's order. Quotations terminate if Buyer does not place an order with Supplier within any express period indicated by Supplier or after 60 days, whichever comes first.
Quotations. A quotation for the goods given by the Company shall not constitute an offer. Any such a quotation shall be valid forthe period set out on the quotation, unless it iswithdrawnbythe Companywithinsuch period. When no period is stated, the quotation is only valid for 30 days after its date. A new quotation will be required for any changes requested by the Purchaser to any goods already quoted for. For quotations issued on or around the time of a price increase, the Company reserves the right to review the validity of the said quote. Purchasers MUSTcheckfirstwithLegrandCable Management BusinessUnit.
Quotations. Quotations shall expire and shall be void thirty (30) days from date of the Quotation, unless otherwise specified in the Quotation. The Quotation may be modified or withdrawn by Seller at any time before Seller’s receipt of Buyer’s conforming acceptance; provided, however, Seller reserves the right upon written notice to Buyer to correct any typographical or clerical errors made in any Quotation before or after receipt of Buyer’s conforming acceptance (whereby, if exercised by Seller, Seller shall provide Buyer an opportunity to accept or reject Seller’s corrected offer). Prices set forth in Quotations are subject to change in accordance with section 5 “PRICES; PRICE CHANGES.”
Quotations. Representatives shall promptly furnish to Company copies of all quotations submitted to customers. Each quotation shall accurately reflect the terms of this Agreement.
Quotations. Sales Agent will make quotations in respect to the sales of the Products only in accordance with Alphatec's then current policies and procedures and on prices established by Alphatec and Alphatec's terms and conditions of sale, including the terms of payment specified by Alphatec. The Sales Agent will assist Alphatec in obtaining the appropriate documentation needed for new customers (credit reports, sales tax exemptions, etc.).
Quotations. You can ask us to quote the price at which you may enter into a Contract with us and the margin required (if any) by nominating the amount of the Underlying Asset and the currency against which it is to be exchanged (subject, in each case, to our requirements relating to minimum lot sizes and available currencies, as advised to you from time to time).