Solution Sample Clauses

Solution or "JOINT OFFERING" means the Licensed Software integrated with the Value Added Offering integrated as provided in Section 3.1.
Solution. 1 Please see subtask 1.3 in Part III of the Scope of Work (General Project Tasks) for a description of 1 The Recipient will conduct a numerical modeling study to determine potential changes in coastal‌2 upwelling due to offshore wind project development over a variety of environmental conditions. A3 number of baseline cases (no wind farms) will be modeled for a variety of climatologies, and4 compared with modeled cases that include simulated offshore wind farms with varying5 characteristics in identified areas of interest.67 The proposed methodology will combine coupled numerical atmospheric-ocean models. Results8 from the coupled models will provide an enhanced scientific understanding of the effects of wind9 energy reduction on nearshore ocean circulation.1011 C. Goals and Objectives of the Agreement1213 Agreement Goals14 The goals of this Agreement are to:15 • Characterize changes in wind stress in the lee of floating offshore wind farms for at least16 three sites on the California coast;17 • Evaluate the potential impacts of reduced wind stress on coastal wind-driven upwelling.1819 Ratepayer Benefits:2 This Agreement will result in the ratepayer benefit of lower costs and20 environmental benefits by facilitating offshore wind policy development, permitting, turbine siting21 and array evaluation; identifying data gaps to prioritize research; and expediting device22 deployment, which will contribute to offshore wind project development and increased23 renewable energy generation in California and further diversification of the State’s clean energy24 portfolio.2526 Technological Advancement and Breakthroughs:3 This Agreement will lead to technological
Solution. Solution” means the Precinct Central ePollbook system provided by Tenex, under the Agreement, inclusive of all hardware, Software and services required to make the Precinct Central ePollbook system fully functional
Solution. All eMaryland Marketplace (“eMM”) eProcurement and eCommerce-related application tools to be provided by the Contractor as a software-as-a-Service (“SAAS”) pursuant to the State’s RFP.
Solution. A Solution is Google Technology. Components of a Solution that are GCP Services remain subject to the Google Cloud Platform Agreement, including Services Specific Terms located at
Solution. By accepting the terms of this Agreement the Customer agrees that CES shall provide access to the solution to the best of its abilities, however it accepts no responsibility for ongoing access to the Solution.
Solution. Company shall make available the ABCmouse® for Schools solution (the “Solution”) to Client on a subscription basis, subject to the Terms set forth herein and the description of services and pricing provided in the applicable quote (the “Quote”). The Terms, including any documents incorporated by reference, and the executed Quote constitute the agreement (“Agreement”) between the Parties. If applicable, Company shall provide the training and professional services (the “Professional Services”) set forth in the Quote. Collectively, the Solution and Professional Services are referred to as the “Services.”
Solution. Developer Technologies has proposed to develop the iPhone App XXXX 1.01 Application package. Development Platform: Mac OS, iPhone SDKTarget Platforms: iPhone OS Versions 5.0 and above, iPad (1) and iPad (2) (iPads incompatibility mode only), iPod touch (in wireless only).In case that iPhone 6 require any special handling above and beyond current scope of agreement, Developer to notify XXXXX beforehand. Storage: SQLite/XMLBackend API and Database: SQL, .NET, C#