Solicitors Sample Clauses

Solicitors. Lessor will make an effort to keep solicitors out of the building, and Lessee will not oppose Lessor in his attempt to accomplish this end.
Solicitors. Exhibits in any location other than prescribed areas on the floor plan, such as hotel room exhibits, etc. are not permitted. Soliciting of business will be permitted by exhibitors only. Distribution of advertising matter, soliciting of orders or any conference in the interest of business by representatives of firms not a part of the Convention is strictly forbidden. Advertising and sales promotion materials may be distributed only from your booth at the Convention Center. No material may be placed on session seats, attached to walls, ceilings, woodwork, etc. of the convention facility, or left at the convention registration desk or in public places within the convention facility or on Convention Center property. Advertising materials, banners, blimps, hot-air balloons, vehicles carrying corporate identity or convention-related messages, etc. will not be permitted on or near the exterior of the convention facility. Robots, clowns, and similar are permitted but their use is confined to the exhibitor’s leased space.
Solicitors. Client acknowledges that Advisor or Advisor’s solicitor may be registered as a representative of a broker-dealer, and as such, may receive commissions and/or other income from the broker-dealer from the sale of mutual funds and other investments which may be recommended by Advisor. In addition, a solicitor of Advisor may receive a portion of the fees paid on this Agreement, but must provide client copies of the written agreements between the adviser and the solicitor; the solicitor’s written disclosure documents; and, each client must sign acknowledgments of receipt of written disclosure documents from the adviser and the solicitor prior to any fees being paid to Solicitor.
Solicitors. Landlord reserves the right, but shall not be held obligated, to exclude or eject from the Building any or all solicitors, canvassers or peddlers, and any persons conducting themselves in such manner as, in the sole judgment of Landlord, constitutes an annoyance to any of the tenants of the Building or an interference with Landlord’s operation of the Building, or who are otherwise undesirable. FLAMMABLE MATERIALS: No article extra hazardous on account of fire nor shall any explosive be brought into said Premises or into the Building. The storage and use of all flammable and volatile materials or substances shall be in conformity with applicable laws, rules and regulations of all duly constituted public authorities. LODGING, ETC.: The premises hereby leased shall not be used for lodging or sleeping purposes.
Solicitors. Landlord reserves the right to exclude or eject any or all solicitors, canvassers, peddlers or any other class of person(s) who conduct themselves in such a manner that is in annoyance to the tenants of the Building and interferes with the Building operation or security.
Solicitors. You agree to complete and submit to Us a “Solicitor Notification” for each person who is employed by or has a contract with You to solicit applications on Your behalf. The “Solicitor Notification” will not take effect until it has been received and approved by Us and returned to You. We may reject any such solicitor whom We believe does not have a reputation for honesty and integrity in the community. You acknowledge Our right to reject any “Solicitor Notification” and the right to terminate any such solicitor.You agree to be solely responsible for Your solicitors (including but not limited to those persons who are employed by or have a contract with You to solicit applications on Your behalf) under this Agreement and for their compensa- tion, training, supplies and correspondence. You agree to ensure Your solicitors’ adherence to all the applicable terms of this Agreement, including – but not limited to – the requirements regarding Errors and Omissions liability insurance coverage, licensure, soliciting and advertising. You will verify that all Your solicitors are licensed with all applicable State and governmental agencies to the extent required by law and will, if requested, provide Us such proof of licensing and compliance with the law. You will not allow any solicitor to solicit applications unless You and the solicitor are in compliance with all applicable licensing and regulatory requirements.
Solicitors. Vessel Owner shall not permit solicitors, brokers, or salesmen to access the Dry-Storage Facility except as otherwise approved in writing by Manager. Vessel Owner shall not post any “For Sale” sign(s) or notices within the Dry-Storage Facility.
Solicitors. 96. The Company may employ or retain a solicitor or solicitors, and such solicitor(s) may, at the request of the Board, or on instructions of the Chairman of the Board, or the President, attend meetings of the directors or Shareholders, whether or not he, himself, is a member or director of the Company. If a solicitor is also a director, he may nevertheless charge for services rendered to the Company as a solicitor.
Solicitors. The Solicitors of the Partnership shall be: ___________________________________
Solicitors. A professional firm subject to the rules of a designated professional body and any regulated activities performed by you are incidental to your provision of professional services under Part XX of the FSMA (as defined overleaf), or the equivalent part of any successor legislation; or