Showers Sample Clauses

Showers. Showers should be hosed out daily and sprayed with a chlorine based disinfectant. Shower roses and taps should be kept in working order at all times.
Showers. (a) Showers are not essential if there is a suitable bath but where provided the landlord shall ensure that their normal use will not damage the Home, through water ingress or otherwise.
Showers. 1. Wash shower walls and floors nightly, using proper non-scented disinfectants.
Showers. FSCH offers assistance with showering to all residents. We provide stand-by assist, up to and including full assistance for those whom need it. FSCH staff will provide physical assistance up to twice weekly for those individuals who need assistance. We have 3 showers throughout the facility. We do not have any bathtubs.
Showers. Showers shall be provided for those employees working with sewers or with toxic materials, dangerous drugs or human waste.
Showers. Showers are not required, but if so equipped, the unit should have adequate xxxx water storage capacity. All disposable hoses must be clearly water tight. All unit sites must use the dump station to empty xxxx and black water systems. There is a community bathroom that you may use in accordance with the rules.
Showers. Xxxxxx agrees to provide shower curtains and to use them carefully and in such a way as to prevent water from getting on the bathroom floors. Xxxxxx further agrees to immediately mop up water that may accidentally spill on bathroom floors. Any damage to own or other apartments as a result of not having or misusing shower curtains will be charged back to Tenant.
Showers. We will not be responsible for the repair or replacement of any showers within your household as a result of a mechanical or electrical breakdown, which includes, but is not restricted to, shower pumps, shower mixer valves, electric shower units, shower trays, cubical/shower doors, handsets, hoses and riser rails.
Showers. (1) The floor of the showers is 4 inches higher than the floor of the locker room and the vertical change in level is bridged by a 30 inch long ramp with an excessive slope. Provide at least one accessible route to the showers that, to the maximum extent feasible, coincides with the route for the general public. The accessible route must have a minimum clear width of 36 inches, or a minimum clear width of 42 inches if there is a turn around an obstruction less than 48 inches wide; have passing spaces at least 60 inches by 60 inches at least every 200 feet; have a minimum clear headroom of 80 inches; have a surface that is firm, stable, and slip resistant; have, in the absence of a curb ramp, ramp, or platform lift, no level changes in excess of 1/2 inch vertically; and have a running slope of less than 1:20 (5%) (or have been constructed as a fully accessible ramp) and a cross slope of less than 1:50 (2%). Standards §§ 4.3, 4.5, Fig. 7. (2) The shower controls and head are not accessible to persons with disabilities. Provide a shower in this room with grab bars, controls, a shower spray unit, and a seat, curb, and enclosure, if provided, that comply fully with the Standards and with Figs. 35, 36, and 37, as applicable. Standards § 4.21, Figs. 35, 36, 37.