Lockers Sample Clauses

Lockers. Where employees are required to change their uniforms in the course of their normal duties, and where space is available, lockers, which can be locked, shall be provided.
Lockers. Crunch reserves the right to remove, dispose of and/or sell all articles left overnight in the day use lockers without prior notice. All Lockers are for day use only.
Lockers. Surveys have been made and each Employer will meet the Union to discuss reasonable changes that can be made should they be necessary.
Lockers. The MOA will furnish lockers where they are necessary, as determined by the MOA. Any such lockers shall remain the property of the MOA and the MOA shall have free access to all such lockers.
Lockers. Lockers and a locker change room will continue to be made available at work locations where they are currently provided.
Lockers. The Employer shall provide secure lockers for use of each store employee during their shift.
Lockers. 46.1: The County shall furnish to each employee in the bargaining unit a storage locker for their personal use. Lockers are subject to inspection at the discretion of the Sheriff; however, no inspection shall be made without the employee or a Union representative. A copy of the combination and/or the key shall be provided to the Sheriff.
Lockers. 59.01 The Employer will provide locker access for all employees to use, and shall also provide and maintain in clean and sanitary condition dressing areas with washrooms. No representative of the Employer shall open employee locker(s) unless a Union Committee Person or Steward is present. The Employer understands that single access lockers are preferred by all employees and should locker space be available will move to a single access locker system.
Lockers. Lockers, which can be locked, shall be provided for all employees required to change their clothes.