SCOPE FOR SUPPLY OF NEW. MOBILE CLASSROOM/OFFICE The appointed service providers will be responsible supply and installation of mobile classroom/office as follows: • Prepare; Clear and Level the new site to ensure structural stability for the Unit • ERECTION OF BUILDING Steel chassis galvanised 3.5m x 7m Roof beams (150mm x 50mm) 9m Concrete blocks 400mm x 400mm x 60mm Tripod stand Timber 38mm x 114mm (3600mm) sub-frame Timber 38mm x 114mm (6000mm) sub-frame Shutter board 1220mm x 2440mm x 18mm • FLOORING: Vinyl floor sqm 2mm - 2.5mm • INSULATED PANELS 40mm insulated panel 2400 High 2600 High • ROOF Roof panel 3650 x 1165 x 40 mm Ridge capping (galvanized) • ELECTRICAL DB chint complete 8-way surface LED tube Synerji 4ft 20w NUR 4x4 double complete (Plug socket) NUR 4x2 2 lever switch complete • STEPS Steps 2-3 tier galvanized With hand rail • VERANDA Lipped channel galvanised 75mm x 50mm (9m) Veranda beam Round tubing galvanised 50mm x 3.4m IBR sheeting 1500mm • GUTTERS D-Shaped Gutters Brackets • CHALK AND PINNING BOARDS Pinboard 1200mm x 2400mm blue Chalkboard 1200mm x 2400mm • WINDOWS Window 900mm x 900mm Window 900mm x 1200mm • CERTIFICATE Engineers Certificate Electrical SOC Soil Compacting Soil Poisoning
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  • Creation of New Positions 3.33 Staff Reductions - Transfers (may impact Section C.?)

  • Provision for Supplemental Indentures for Certain Purposes From time to time, the Corporation (when authorized by action of the directors) and the Warrant Agent may, subject to the provisions hereof and they shall, when so directed in accordance with the provisions hereof, execute and deliver by their proper officers, indentures or instruments supplemental hereto, which thereafter shall form part hereof, for any one or more or all of the following purposes:

  • Penalties for non-conformity of production 9.1. The approval granted in respect of a vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements set forth above are not met.

  • Particular Methods of Procurement of Goods and Works International Competitive Bidding. Goods and works shall be procured under contracts awarded on the basis of International Competitive Bidding.

  • RATES FOR NEW JOBS A. When a new job is placed in the unit and cannot be properly placed in an existing classification, the Employer will notify the Union prior to establishing a classification and rate structure. In the event the Union does not agree that the description and rate are proper, it shall be subject to negotiations during the next contract.

  • Issue of new card PIN We may, in our absolute discretion, issue a replacement card or a new PIN upon such terms and conditions as we may deem fit.

  • Time for Submission Except as specified below, any claim by Contractor for a change in the Contract Time or the Material Completion and Occupancy Date shall be made within fourteen days of the day on which the Contractor becomes aware of the event on which the claim is based or, if the Contract Documents specify a shorter or longer period with respect to such event, within the period specified by the Contract Documents.

  • Solicitations for Subcontracts, Including Procurement of Materials and Equipment In all solicitation, either by competitive bidding or negotiation, made by the Contractor for work to be performed under a subcontract, including procurement of materials or leases of equipment, each potential Subcontractor or supplier shall be notified by the Contractor of the Contractor’s obligations under this Agreement and the Regulations relative to non-discrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.

  • Particular Methods of Procurement of Goods Works and Services (other than Consultants’ Services)

  • Criteria for Selection a. The Sabbatical Selection Committee shall use four (4) criteria for selection of academic employees to receive sabbaticals. These are: the merit of the sabbatical project, the applicant’s current and previous contributions to the College community, the proposal’s relevancy to the College’s Strategic Plan and whether or not the applicant has had a previous sabbatical. In instances where these criteria are equal, seniority shall be the determining factor.

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