Round Sample Clauses

Round. 1 – Is a competitive round. Where a surplus teacher is the successful applicant in Round 1 he or she is no longer considered a surplus teacher during the remaining staffing process. Any teacher who was successful in Round 1 shall not be permitted to apply for other teaching positions.
Round. 2 - Each employee will be given an opportunity to schedule their remaining vacation entitlement and may do so by selecting full weeks or single days (if any remaining after the first round or retained from weeks containing paid holidays). Also, employees may elect not to schedule their remaining vacation entitlement during this round.
Round. For Head 2 Head events any changes to the original prospectus must be communicated to Archery England Archery England Head to Head Series shall be open to all archers. Record Status: Application for Record Status will be the responsibility of the host Tournament Organiser (TO) in accordance with requirements of the event in which the Archery England category is held. The Fee will be reimbursed by Archery England Entry Fee: The entry fee for the tournament shall be determined by the organisers. Archery England shall not be liable for any reimbursement other than as detailed in this document. All entry fees and other income shall be retained by the organisers. Advertisement / Entry Forms: The detailed prospectus of the event is the responsibility of the Event Organiser which will include the Archery England logo and detail of awards. Links will be established between the event hosts and the Archery England web-site. Medals: Archery England Medals may be engraved. Medal allocation in accordance with entries and will be at the discretion of Archery England having taken the advice of the Organiser. Assistance: Archery England and the host club shall each appoint a named point of liaison who will be available as required between both parties. Archery England Executive member/s and or a designated officer will wherever possible, be in attendance at the event, and may only at the request of the organiser be involved in the prize giving. Logo: The Archery England logo will be used on entry forms and other promotional material. Where possible the Archery England ‘Feathers’ will be displayed. Title: When the tournament is run under the umbrella of another event the title of the tournament shall contain the legend "Incorporating Archery England” Results: will be made available via electronic means with links to Archery England website within one week of the tournament. Officials: The appointment of the Event Judges will be responsibility of the host T.O. Copies of judges and other reports may be requested by Archery England Event details to be completed by TO prior to agreement Archery England Event: Archery England Liaison: Contact details: Archery England Representative at the Event: Host: Incorporated into: Venue: Date:
Round. 9 NA 1 SSF (consolidated) % of plantation workers (15-49 years) who had more than one sexual partner in the past 12 months reporting the use of condom during their last sexual act 15% 30-Sep-12 A special survey will be conducted to capture the indicator data . Round 6 %of plantation workers aged 15-49 who both correctly identify ways of preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and who reject major misconceptions about HIV transmission. 40% 2008 KAP Study The indicator is to measure the knowledge of Plantation workers .As described above, A special survey will be done to measure the outcome indicators . Round 9 NA 2 SSF (consolidated) % of plantation workers aged 15-49 who both correctly identify ways of preventing sexual transmission of HIV and who reject major misconception about HIV transmission 60% 30-Sep-12 A special survey will be conducted to capture the indicator data . Round 6 NA 64% 2007 BSS (Behavioural Surveillance Survey) All the indicators are specific to Round 9and will be measured through IBBS/BSS.Due to resource constraint and epidemiological evidence and in the absence of adequate interventions targeted at MARP post survey , the IBBS has been planned after six years from base line.
Round. 37 The client’s level of greediness: 0.0525735. The GRA’s reservation value: 166.354; The GRA’s level of greediness: 5.51316. The GRA’s proposal: 70.4398. The client’s would-be proposal: 67.6995. The negotiation ends in round 37 with the client obtaining the amount of resource, 70.4398, which is the last best proposal of the GRA, i.e. the client has accepted the GRA’s proposal. In our model, the GRA sends its proposal every negotiation round and the client replies with a counter-proposal (if applicable). The GRA may decide not to send a proposal, but to accept or reject the last client’s counter-proposal instead. Table 3.3: List of notation for Section 3.3 Symbol Notation k An identifier of the round of negotiation, where k ∈ N. rˆgra, rˆgraj i,k i,k The proposed by the GRA (expected to be proposed) amount ofj resource rˆgra ≥ 0 (rˆgra > 0) in round k for task i, where k, i ∈ N. i,k i,k βgra, βgraj i,k i,k The actual or expected by a client GRA’s level of greediness respectively in round k for task i, where k, i ∈ N. Continued on the next page Symbol Notation ∆rˆgra, ∆rˆgraj i,k i,k The difference between the proposed by the GRA (expected) j amount of resource rˆgra ≥ 0 (rˆgra > 0) in round k and its initial i,k i,k proposal Gmin > 0 respectively, where k, i ∈ N. i ∆rˆmax, ∆rˆmaxj i,k i,k The difference between the actual GRA’s reservation value Gmax > 0 (or expected Gmaxj > 0) and the GRA’s aspiration i,k i,k value Gmin > 0 in round k, where k, i ∈ N. i δi,k The client’s estimate of the change in the increment of the GRA’s reservation value in round k for task i, where k, i ∈ N. ηi,k% The percentage of the client’s level of greediness βc in roundi,k−1 k − 1 on which βc has to be increased or decreased in order to calculate its i,k−1 greediness in round , where . level of βc k k, i ∈ N i,k µA (x) . Σ A generic representation of the membership function, which pro- duces the values from the interval [0, 1], of the variable x in fuzzy set A. µF δi,k, βc l i,k The resulting input membership function, which produces a min- imum (conjunction) of the membership functions µXj (δi,k) and µY j .βc Σ where Xj = D|Z|I and Y j = GEN|IND|GR, accord- i,k ing to control rule l which refers to a particular output fuzzy set F = LD|M D|Z|MI|I, where k, i, l ∈ N. µl (ηi,k)F The truncated membership function µF (ηi,k) for the output fuzzy set F , according to control rule l, where k, i, l ∈ N. φ(·) An implication function, which truncates the membership func- tion µF (ηi,k), a...

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  • Rounding Any financial ratios required to be maintained by the Borrower pursuant to this Agreement shall be calculated by dividing the appropriate component by the other component, carrying the result to one place more than the number of places by which such ratio is expressed herein and rounding the result up or down to the nearest number (with a rounding-up if there is no nearest number).

  • Offering Price Shares of any class of the Fund offered for sale by you shall be offered for sale at a price per share (the "offering price") approximately equal to (a) their net asset value (determined in the manner set forth in the Fund's charter documents) plus (b) a sales charge, if any and except to those persons set forth in the then-current prospectus, which shall be the percentage of the offering price of such Shares as set forth in the Fund's then-current prospectus. The offering price, if not an exact multiple of one cent, shall be adjusted to the nearest cent. In addition, Shares of any class of the Fund offered for sale by you may be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge as set forth in the Fund's then-current prospectus. You shall be entitled to receive any sales charge or contingent deferred sales charge in respect of the Shares. Any payments to dealers shall be governed by a separate agreement between you and such dealer and the Fund's then-current prospectus.

  • No Fractional Shares to Be Issued The Company shall not be required to issue fractions of Shares upon exercise of this Warrant. If any fraction of a Share would, but for this Section, be issuable upon any exercise of this Warrant, in lieu of such fractional Share the Company shall pay to the Holder or Holders, as the case may be, in cash, an amount equal to the same fraction of the Fair Market Value per share of outstanding Shares on the Business Day immediately prior to the date of such exercise.

  • Share In the case of Delivery to it of ADSs representing a number other than a whole number of Shares, the Depositary shall cause ownership of the appropriate whole number of Shares to be Delivered in accordance with the terms hereof, and shall, at the discretion of the Depositary, either (i) return to the person surrendering such ADSs the number of ADSs representing any remaining fractional Share, or (ii) sell or cause to be sold the fractional Share represented by the ADSs so surrendered and remit the proceeds of such sale (net of (a) applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and (b) taxes withheld) to the person surrendering the ADSs. Notwithstanding anything else contained in this ADR or the Deposit Agreement, the Depositary may make delivery at the Principal Office of the Depositary of (i) any cash dividends or cash distributions, or (ii) any proceeds from the sale of any distributions of shares or rights, which are at the time held by the Depositary in respect of the Deposited Securities represented by the ADSs surrendered for cancellation and withdrawal. At the request, risk and expense of any Holder so surrendering ADSs represented by this ADR, and for the account of such Holder, the Depositary shall direct the Custodian to forward (to the extent permitted by law) any cash or other property (other than securities) held by the Custodian in respect of the Deposited Securities represented by such ADSs to the Depositary for delivery at the Principal Office of the Depositary. Such direction shall be given by letter or, at the request, risk and expense of such Holder, by cable, telex or facsimile transmission.

  • Fractions Any fractional Share of a Series shall have proportionately all the rights and obligations of a whole share of such Series, including rights with respect to voting, receipt of dividends and distributions and redemption of Shares.

  • Number The Trustees serving as such, whether named above or hereafter becoming a Trustee, may increase or decrease the number of Trustees to a number other than the number theretofore determined. No decrease in the number of Trustees shall have the effect of removing any Trustee from office prior to the expiration of his term, but the number of Trustees may be decreased in conjunction with the removal of a Trustee pursuant to subsection (e) of this Section 3.1.

  • Par 1 of this Agreement and after the payment of fee for annual fixed payment for access to the system of clearing, evaluation and settlement of imbalances pursuant to Art. XI par. 1, letter a).

  • Per Authorized Signatory

  • Closing Price Closing Price shall mean the last reported market price for one share of Common Stock, regular way, on the New York Stock Exchange (or any successor exchange or stock market on which such last reported market price is reported) on the day in question. If the exchange is closed on the day on which the Closing Price is to be determined or if there were no sales reported on such date, the Closing Price shall be computed as of the last date preceding such date on which the exchange was open and a sale was reported.

  • Cash Payments in Lieu of Fractional Shares No fractional shares of Common Stock or scrip representing fractional shares shall be issued upon conversion of Notes. If more than one Note shall be surrendered for conversion at one time by the same holder, the number of full shares that shall be issuable upon conversion shall be computed on the basis of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes (or specified portions thereof to the extent permitted hereby) so surrendered. If any fractional share of stock would be issuable upon the conversion of any Note or Notes, the Company shall make an adjustment and payment therefor in cash at the current market price thereof to the holder of Notes. The current market price of a share of Common Stock shall be the Closing Price on the last Business Day immediately preceding the day on which the Notes (or specified portions thereof) are deemed to have been converted.