Restrictions on Activities of the Trust Sample Clauses

Restrictions on Activities of the Trust. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement and any provision of law that otherwise so empowers the Trust, so long as any Certificates are outstanding, the Trust shall not, and none of the Trustee, the Delaware Trustee, the Company or the Master Servicer shall knowingly cause the Trust to, do any of the following:

Related to Restrictions on Activities of the Trust

  • Restrictions on Investments The Borrower will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, make or permit to exist or to remain outstanding any Investment except Investments in:

  • Limitations on Activities Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Advisor shall refrain from taking any action which, in its sole judgment, or in the sole judgment of the Company, made in good faith, would (a) adversely affect the status of the Company as a REIT, unless the Board has determined that REIT qualification is not in the best interests of the Company and its Stockholders, (b) subject the Company to regulation under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, or (c) violate any law, rule, regulation or statement of policy of any governmental body or agency having jurisdiction over the Company, the Operating Partnership or the Shares, or otherwise not be permitted by the Articles of Incorporation or By-laws, except if such action shall be ordered by the Board, in which case the Advisor shall notify promptly the Board of the Advisor’s judgment of the potential impact of such action and shall refrain from taking such action until it receives further clarification or instructions from the Board. In such event, the Advisor shall have no liability for acting in accordance with the specific instructions of the Board so given.

  • Restrictions on Use You may not use, copy, or install the Software Product on any system with more than one computer, or permit the use, copying, or installation of the Software Product by more than one user or on more than one computer. If you hold multiple, validly licensed copies, you may not use, copy, or install the Software Product on any system with more than the number of computers permitted by license, or permit the use, copying, or installation by more users, or on more computers than the number permitted by license. You may not decompile, "reverse-engineer", disassemble, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code for the Software Product. You may not use the database portion of the Software Product in connection with any software other than the Software Product. Restrictions on Alteration You may not modify the Software Product or create any derivative work of the Software Product or its accompanying documentation. Derivative works include but are not limited to translations. You may not alter any files or libraries in any portion of the Software Product. You may not reproduce the database portion or create any tables or reports relating to the database portion.

  • Restrictions on Sale This Debenture has not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Act") and is being issued under Section 4(2) of the Act and Rule 506 of Regulation D promulgated under the Act. This Debenture and the Common Stock issuable upon the conversion thereof may only be sold pursuant to registration under or an exemption from the Act.

  • Restrictions on Ownership The Class G Partnership Preferred Units shall be owned and held solely by the General Partner or the Special Limited Partner.

  • Restrictions on Lobbying If any Federal funds are to be used to pay for Contractor’s services under this Agreement, Contractor shall fully comply with all certification and disclosure requirements prescribed by Section 319 of Public Law 101-121 (31 United States Code Section 1352) and any implementing regulations, and shall ensure that each of its subcontractors receiving funds provided under this Agreement also fully complies with all such certification and disclosure requirements.

  • Restrictions on Business There shall be no restrictions on the business that Amalco may carry on.

  • Limitations on Investments The Company will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, make any Investment other than (i) a Permitted Investment or (ii) an Investment that is made as a Restricted Payment in compliance with Section 4.7 hereof.