Reporting and Mitigating Sample Clauses

Reporting and Mitigating. TMP shall immediately report to Physician any uses or disclosures of PHI not authorized by this Addendum or any Security Incident relating to TMP or the electronic PHI that TMP maintains for Physician. Such notice shall describe the remedial or other actions undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by TMP in relation thereto. TMP shall use its best efforts to mitigate the deleterious effects of any use or disclosure of PHI not authorized by this Agreement or any Security Incident.
Reporting and Mitigating 

Related to Reporting and Mitigating

  • Reporting and Monitoring Please provide a brief description of the mechanisms proposed for this project for reporting to the UNDP and partners, including a reporting schedule.

  • SEC Reporting and Compliance (a) Parent filed a registration statement on Form SB-2 under the Securities Act which became effective on February 1, 2002 and was not withdrawn, and a registration statement on Form 10-SB under the Exchange Act, which became effective on October 15, 2001. Since October 15, 2001 and except as set forth on Schedule 3.8, Parent has timely filed with the Commission all registration statements, proxy statements, information statements and reports required to be filed pursuant to the Exchange Act. Parent has not filed with the Commission a certificate on Form 15 pursuant to Rule 12h-3 of the Exchange Act.

  • Safeguards Monitoring and Reporting 8. The Borrower shall do the following or cause the Project Executing Agency to do the following:

  • Monitoring and Reporting 3.1 The Contractor shall provide workforce monitoring data as detailed in paragraph 3.2 of this Schedule 8. A template for data collected in paragraphs 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will be provided by the Authority. Completed templates for the Contractor and each Sub-contractor will be submitted by the Contractor with the Diversity and Equality Delivery Plan within six (6) Months of the Commencement Date and annually thereafter. Contractors are required to provide workforce monitoring data for the workforce involved in delivery of the Contract. Data relating to the wider Contractor workforce and wider Sub-contractors workforce would however be well received by the Authority. Contractors and any Sub-contractors are required to submit percentage figures only in response to paragraphs 3.2(a), 3.2(b) and 3.2(c).

  • Regulatory Reporting Ultimus agrees to provide reports to the federal and applicable state authorities, including the SEC, and to the Funds’ Auditors. Applicable state authorities are those governmental agencies located in states in which the Fund is registered to sell shares.

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting 6.1 The Trustee shall maintain separate records and ledger accounts with respect to the Contributions deposited in the CGIAR Fund and transfers made therefrom. The Trustee shall maintain books, records, documents, and other evidence in accordance with the Trustee’s usual accounting procedures to sufficiently substantiate the management of funds in the CGIAR Fund.

  • Sick Leave Reporting and Verification Employees must promptly notify their supervisor on their first day of sick leave and each day after, unless there is mutual agreement to do otherwise. If an employee is in a position where a relief replacement is necessary if they are absent, they will notify their supervisor at least two (2) hours prior to their scheduled time to report to work (excluding leave taken in accordance with the Domestic Violence Act). Unless otherwise precluded by law, the Employer has reason to suspect abuse, the Employer may require a written medical certificate for any sick leave absence. An employee returning to work after any sick leave absence may be required to provide written certification from their health care provider that the employee is able to return to work and perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

  • Regulatory Compliance Cooperation (a) CIT/VC agrees to use commercially reasonable best efforts to avoid the occurrence of a Regulatory Problem. In the event that CIT/VC determines that it has a Regulatory Problem, the Company agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to take all such actions as are reasonably requested by CIT/VC in order (A) to effectuate and facilitate any transfer by CIT/VC of any Securities of the Company then held by CIT/VC to any Person designated by CIT/VC (subject, however, to compliance with Section 3 of this Agreement), (B) to permit CIT/VC (or any Affiliate of CIT/VC) to exchange all or any portion of the voting Securities of the Company then held by such Person on a share-for-share basis for shares of a class of non-voting Securities of the Company, which non-voting Securities shall be identical in all respects to such voting Securities, except that such new Securities shall be non-voting and shall be convertible into voting Securities on such terms as are requested by CIT/VC in light of regulatory considerations then prevailing, and (C) to continue and preserve the respective allocation of the voting interests with respect to the Company arising out of CIT/VC's ownership of voting Securities of the Company and/or provided for in this Agreement before the transfers and amendments referred to above (including entering into such additional agreements as are requested by CIT/VC to permit any Person(s) designated by CIT/VC to exercise any voting power which is relinquished by CIT/VC upon any exchange of voting Securities for nonvoting Securities of the Company); and the Company shall enter into such additional agreements, adopt such amendments to this Agreement, the Company's Charter and the Company's By-laws and other relevant agreements and taking such additional actions, in each case as are reasonably requested by CIT/VC in order to effectuate the intent of the foregoing. If CIT/VC elects to transfer Securities of the Company to a Regulated Holder in order to avoid a Regulatory Problem, the Company shall enter into such agreements with such Regulated Holder as it may reasonably request in order to assist such Regulated Holder in complying with applicable laws, and regulations to which it is subject. Such agreements may include restrictions on the 39. redemption, repurchase or retirement of Securities of the Company that would result or be reasonably expected to result in such Regulated Holder holding more voting securities or total securities (equity and debt) than it is permitted to hold under such laws and regulations.

  • Reporting Compliance Company is subject to, and is in compliance in all material respects with, the reporting requirements of Section 13 and Section 15(d), as applicable, of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the rules and the regulations of the SEC thereunder (collectively, the “Exchange Act”). Company’s SEC Reports at the time they were or hereafter are filed with the SEC, complied in all material respects with the requirements of the Exchange Act and did not and do not include any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact necessary to make the statements therein, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading.

  • Reporting and Record Keeping CONTRACTOR shall comply with all program and fiscal reporting requirements set forth by appropriate Federal, State and local agencies, and as required by the COUNTY. (c) CONTRACTOR agrees to provide to COUNTY, to any Federal or State department having monitoring or review authority, to COUNTY's authorized representatives, and/or their appropriate audit agencies upon reasonable notice, access to and the right to examine all records and documents necessary to determine compliance with relevant Federal, State, and local statutes, rules and regulations, and this Agreement, and to evaluate the quality, appropriateness and timeliness of services performed.