Mitigating Sample Clauses

Mitigating. Agent will mitigate to the extent practicable and as soon as possible, any harmful effect known to Agent of a Prohibited Use or Security Incident. Agent will preserve forensic evidence relating to a Prohibited Use and to a Security Incident.

Related to Mitigating

  • Mitigation Executive shall not be required to mitigate damages or the amount of any payment provided under this Agreement by seeking other employment or otherwise, nor shall the amount of any payment provided for under this Agreement be reduced by any compensation earned by Executive as a result of employment by another employer or by any retirement benefits received by Executive after the date of the Covered Termination, or otherwise.

  • Aggravating and Mitigating Factors The penalties in this matter were determined in consideration of all relevant circumstances, including statutory factors as described in CARB’s Enforcement Policy. CARB considered whether the violator came into compliance quickly and cooperated with the investigation; the extent of harm to public health, safety and welfare; nature and persistence of the violation, including the magnitude of the excess emissions; compliance history; preventative efforts taken; innovative nature and the magnitude of the effort required to comply, and the accuracy, reproducibility, and repeatability of the available test methods; efforts to attain, or provide for, compliance prior to violation; action taken to mitigate the violation; financial burden to the violator; and voluntary disclosure. The penalties are set at levels sufficient to deter violations, to remove any economic benefit or unfair advantage from noncompliance, to obtain swift compliance, and the potential costs, risks, and uncertainty associated with litigation. Penalties in future cases might be smaller or larger depending on the unique circumstances of the case.

  • Mitigation; Offset In the event of termination of Employee’s employment prior to the end of the Term, Employee shall use reasonable best efforts to seek other employment and to take other reasonable actions to mitigate the amounts payable under Section 1 hereof. If Employee obtains other employment during the Term, the amount of any payment or benefit provided for under Section 1 hereof which has been paid to Employee shall be refunded to the Company by Employee in an amount equal to any compensation earned by Employee as a result of employment with or services provided to another employer after the date of Employee’s termination of employment and prior to the otherwise applicable expiration of the Term, and all future amounts payable by the Company to Employee during the remainder of the Term shall be offset by the amount earned by Employee from another employer. For purposes of this Section 1(e), Employee shall have an obligation to inform the Company regarding Employee’s employment status following termination and during the period encompassing the Term.

  • Mitigation Measures Company shall take commercially reasonable measures (except measures causing it to incur out-of-pocket expenses which BNYM does not agree in advance to reimburse) to mitigate losses or potential losses to BNYM, including taking verification, validation and reconciliation measures that are commercially reasonable or standard practice in the Company’s business.

  • Details of the Processing The subject-matter of Processing of Personal Data by Data Processor is the performance of the Services pursuant to the Agreement. The duration of the Processing, the nature and purpose of the Processing, as well as the types of Personal Data Processed and categories of Data Subjects under this DPA are further specified in Schedule 1 (Details of the Processing) to this DPA.

  • Mitigation of Loss Each Indemnified Party will take and will procure that its Affiliates take all such reasonable steps and action as are reasonably necessary or as the Indemnifying Party may reasonably require in order to mitigate any Claims (or potential losses or damages) under this Article 13. Nothing in this Agreement shall or shall be deemed to relieve any Party of any common law or other duty to mitigate any losses incurred by it.

  • Set Off; Mitigation The Company’s obligation to pay Employee the amounts provided and to make the arrangements provided hereunder shall be subject to set-off, counterclaim, or recoupment of amounts owed by Employee to the Company or its Affiliates, provided that such amounts owed have been acknowledged by Employee in writing. To the extent any amount so subject to set-off, counterclaim, or recoupment is payable in installments hereunder, such set-off, counterclaim, or recoupment shall not modify the applicable payment date of any installment, and to the extent an obligation cannot be satisfied by reduction of a single installment payment, any portion not satisfied shall remain an outstanding obligation of Employee and shall be applied to the next installment only at such time the installment is otherwise payable pursuant to the specified payment schedule.

  • Nature of the processing MailChimp provides an email service, automation and marketing platform and other related services, as described in the Agreement.

  • Mitigation of Losses The Indemnified Party shall procure that all reasonable steps are taken and all reasonable assistance is given (including the taking of any actions reasonably requested by an Indemnifying Party) to avoid or mitigate any Losses, which in the absence of mitigation might give rise to or increase a Loss in respect of any claim under this Article 8. Without limiting the foregoing, the Purchasers and the Sellers shall seek and collect any indemnification, reimbursement or other recovery of Losses that may be available under any applicable Corporate Trust Contract in accordance with Section 4.2 and the applicable provisions of the Purchase Agreement.