Range Sample Clauses

Range. Range starting at an initial cruise weight of […***…] and consuming […***…] of fuel during cruise while flying at a pressure altitude of […***…] in ISA conditions at a True Mach number of […***…] using thrust not exceeding maximum cruise thrust shall be not less than a guaranteed value of […***…]. For information: The corresponding nominal Range with […***…] fuel burn deterioration is equal to […***…]. The corresponding nominal Range with […***…] fuel xxxx-up and […***…] fuel burn deterioration is equal to […***…]. HAL - A320 Family HAL A321 PA – LA 9B […***…] *** Confidential Treatment Requested
Range. Check and adjust oven door gaskets; check and lube oven door latch assembly; check surface of burner operations; check broiler operations; check oven operation; check and adjust oven thermostat; check electronic ignition system; check ERC/KRC delayed oven operation; check and replace (if necessary) oven light; check and tighten gas/electric supply connections.
Range. The Recipients shall be responsible for the fulfilment of the above obligations on the part of their employees or third parties involved in BlueBio and shall ensure that they remain so obliged, as far as legally possible, during and after the end of BlueBio and/or after the termination of the contractual relationship with the employee or third party.
Range. Such adaptive management may modify the flow requirements specified in Table 1 or 2, by:
Range. Section 14.1 Range: General Officers and Detectives will qualify at the range as required by the Department.
Range. EPA estimated ranges are meant to be a general guideline for consumers in comparing vehicles. Your actual range will vary depending upon many factors, including battery age, driving habits, charging habits, temperatures, accessory use, and other factors as will be described in the owner’s manual. If EPA estimated ranges are not available for a particular trim level, Lucid may provide a projected EPA estimated range using an approximation of an EPA test cycle.
Range. Support and subscription services shall not include issues (Support Requests), having occurred in relation to the following situations:
Range. Range specifies the link length supported by the transceiver in multiples of 10m up to a maximum of 655.36km. Bit order is as follows: Register (hex) Bit Range Value 32802 (8022) 7 Bit 15 (MSB)
Range. General Officers will qualify at the range as required by the Department.
Range. Current hydrogen cars have a range of around 450 km. This is a higher range than the majority of Electric Vehicles in the market and a lower range as compared to the performance of diesel vehicles. Safety issues Hydrogen poses risks of the same order of magnitude as other fuels. In a collision in an open space, a hydrogen fuel cell car should have less potential hazard than either natural gas or a gasoline vehicle. A potential risk is a release in an enclosed home garage, where an accumulation of hydrogen could lead to fire or explosion if no hydrogen detection or risk mitigation devices or measures are applied (such as passive or active ventilation).