Pumps Sample Clauses

Pumps. This section covers the design, manufacture, testing, delivery, unloading, and erection of fuel oil pumps, water pumps, sump pumps and other miscellaneous pumps required for the project. The pumps shall be furnished complete with motors, couplings, guards and baseplates. Equipment, material, design, fabrication, inspection and testing shall comply with applicable industry codes, standards and specifications including, but not limited to, ASME, ANSI, AWS, NEMA, NEC, HI, and OSHA. Pumps and equipment shall be selected and designed, including heads, capacities and margins, based on the Contractor's piping arrangement, system requirements and type of fluid being handled. The materials of construction of the pumps shall be compatible with the fluid pumped. The Contractor shall be fully responsible for the applicability, quality and compatibility of these materials. The selection of the pumps shall be subject to Owner's approval. Similar parts of duplicate pumps shall be completely interchangeable. Equipment and piping arrangement, and nozzle orientation, shall be selected for ease of maintenance and to minimize the dismantling or removal of piping and electrical connections for maintenance. Shafts shall be accurately ground and polished throughout their entire lengths and furnished with shaft sleeves. They shall be designed so that the critical speed will not occur within a safe margin of operating speed of the pump. Casings and nozzles shall be designed to withstand a minimum of 1 1/2 times the pump shutoff pressure. Wear rings for casing and impellers shall be replaceable. In general pumps shall have mechanical seals. Where packing is utilized the stuffing boxes shall be integral with pump casing and furnished with lantern rings and leakoff piping. Pumps shall be subject to shop inspection and manufacturer's standard shop tests. The pumps, motors, baseplates shall be thoroughly cleaned, primed and finish coated with manufacturer's standard procedures and paint. Aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel surfaces shall not be painted. Equipment shall be furnished with permanently mounted non-corroding metallic name plates.
Pumps. All three phase motor drives for pumps shall be checked for proper rotation prior to being coupled to the applicable pump.
Pumps. Well pumps used on the project shall be vertical turbine pumps operating at a maximum speed of 1800 rpm, shall have enclosed impellers, and be provided with either an oil or water lubrication system to prevent bearing wear during pump startup. Discharge heads shall be fabricated steel with a stuffing box for packing. Booster pumps may be vertical turbine pumps, split case pumps or end suction pumps as appropriate for the capacity and head required. Pump stations shall be designed with a minimum of 3 pumps where practical to minimize the loss of capacity should a pump fail. A minimum of one pump at each pump station with multiple pumps shall be provided with a variable frequency drive (VFD). Where a well field exists at least one well pump shall be provided with a VFD. The VFD at each location shall be installed on the pump with the largest capacity. Maximum design discharge pressures at wells and pump stations shall be at or below 250 psi. Pumps used shall be selected so at maximum design flow and head conditions they are operating at their best efficiency or at a location to the left of their best efficiency on their head capacity curve. Pumps operating at 1200 rpm are preferred and 3600 rpm pumps shall only be used in conjunction with close coupled, end suction centrifugal pumps.
Pumps. The PUMPS, at the time of sale and shipment to DANCE by AERO PUMP, for the shelf life period (a) will conform to the Specifications, as then in effect, (b) will have dating until re-evaluation of not less than that which is set forth in Section 6.7 above, (c) will have been manufactured in all material respects in accordance with cGMP in effect at the time of manufacture, (d) will not be adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the FD&C Act, (e) will not have been manufactured, sold or shipped in violation of any Applicable Laws in any material respect, (f) will be conveyed with good title, free and clear of all security interests, liens or encumbrances, and (g) as may be appropriate or applicable, will have been approved by any and all requisite Regulatory and regulatory authorities.
Pumps. Current maintenance, oiling and repairing breakdowns of the cold and hot water pumps in the building, when needed.
Pumps. All pumps related to the chiller air handling units (AHU’s), Thermal Energy Storage Systems and the cooling tower. Standard pumps as well as pumps controlled by VFD.
Pumps. In general, multiple electrical motor driven pumps shall be provided for each application. Pump protection shall be incorporated by recirculation or speed control. A 1.15 service factor will be used for sizing the motor drives. Except for circulating water pumps, a minimum of a 10% pressure margin for 100% of the design flow rate shall be used to select each pump system. Freeze protection measures, such as drainage provisions or freeze protection cable, shall be incorporated in the design.
Pumps. The lubrication system relies on several pumps to distribute oil from the oil reservoir to the systems which need lubrication. Similarly, redundant pumps are used to distribute high pressure oil to all hydraulic oil control system components. These and other oil pumps are listed below. Lubrication oil pumps The main lubrication oil gear pump is shaft-driven from the accessory gear. A full flow ac motor-driven auxiliary lubrication oil centrifugal pump is provided as backup to the main pump. A partial flow, dc motor-driven, emergency lubrication oil centrifugal pump is included as a back up to the main and auxiliary pumps. Hydraulic pumps The main hydraulic variable displacement piston pump is shaft-driven from the accessory gear. An auxiliary ac motor-driven hydraulic pump is provided as backup to the main hydraulic pump.
Pumps. Pumps shall be of general purpose type with double mechanical seals, (For motive fluid feed pumps only) designed, manufactured and tested to current industrial practices. No packed gland type seals shall be permitted.