Restricted Use Sample Clauses

Restricted Use. Charterer agrees that the Yacht shall not be used to carry passengers for hire, shall not be raced and will be used for the sole and proper use of himself/herself, his/her family and guests during the term of this charter and shall comply with the laws of the British Virgin Islands, or any other government within the jurisdiction of which the Yacht may be in during the term of the charter. The Charterer further warrants that he shall not have on board, transport, trade or sell illegal products or substances. In the event of vessel seizure or impoundment as a consequence of any breach of items aforementioned herein will be the sole responsibility of the Charterer – this will include but will not be limited to loss of revenue on future bookings on behalf of the Company, fees (including legal fees) incurred for vessel release and vessel down-time which will be pro-rated on a daily basis at the normal seasonal rates. No pets allowed.
Restricted Use. A. Lessee agrees that the usage of the hangar plus any associated apron shall be limited to the parking/hangaring of his personal/company owned aircraft. No automobile, bus, truck, or other transportation mode may be permanently or habitually parked or stored on/in the Hangar except in approved automobile parking areas and as agreed upon by Lessor.
Restricted Use. The services and uses listed in this Article IV, both required and optional, shall be the only services and uses permitted. Tenant agrees not to use the Premises for any other purpose or engage in or permit any other activity within or from the Premises except as approved in writing by the Chief Real Estate Officer as set forth herein, which approval may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of the Chief Real Estate Officer.
Restricted Use. 5.1 Recipient shall maintain and use Material in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. Material may only be used for internal academic non-profit research. In no circumstances shall Material be used (i) in or for clinical trials; (ii) for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes involving human subjects or animals; (iii) for prophylactic use; or (iv) for production. Recipient shall be solely liable for any modifications to any Product that it makes, directs or permits, including but not limited to any potential infringement upon third-party intellectual property rights. Recipient shall defend, indemnify and hold CTK harmless from and against any claims of third parties based on any claim arising out of Recipient’s use of .
Restricted Use. The CHARTERER agrees that the yacht shall be employed exclusively as a pleasure vessel for the sole and proper use of himself, his family, guests and servants, during the term of this charter, and shall not transport merchandise, or carry passengers for pay, or engage in any trade, nor in any way violate the Laws of any Government within the jurisdiction of which the yacht may be at any time, and shall comply with the law in all other respects.
Restricted Use. 4.1 RECIPIENT shall use the PRODUCT and the MATERIAL in compliance with all laws and regulations applicable in RECIPIENT’s place/country. PRODUCT and MATERIAL may only be used for internal academic non-profit research. PRODUCT and MATERIAL may not be used (i)
Restricted Use. 1. Subject to the requirements/provisions of Section 4, Lessee agrees not to make any additions or modifications to the Leased Premises unless agreed upon by both parties in writing. In the event of such consent, all improvements or modifications shall be made at the expense of Lessee and, at the expiration of this Lease and any extensions to this Lease, shall become the property of Lessor and Lessee shall have no further rights therein and may not remove any part thereof.
Restricted Use. If your Sales Order indicates that you acquired licenses of the Licensed Software subject to restrictions or limitations upon your use of a portion of the functionality provided by such licenses, such restrictions or limitations as identified in the Sales Order, then you will neither use nor permit the use of any of the functionality of such Licensed Software subject of such restrictions or limitations. If you use any such restricted or limited functionality, then you will pay to Licensor the license fees and maintenance and support fees which you would have paid to Licensor had you purchased such restricted or limited functionality.