Profession Sample Clauses

Profession. This document presents professional policies for working conditions, compensation, and evaluation of teachers.
Profession install in the student teacher, by mood and actions, the proper attitude toward the teaching profession.
Profession b) Academic qualifications.
Profession a. Local, state, and/or national leadership position in the support, recruitment, and/or administration of discipline-related organizational entities
Profession to develop those professional qualities that contribute to successful teaching and human relations.
Profession. Please indicate with an “X” the statements that are correct for you: I do practice profession or relevant former profession in the field of -finances - - Years -accounting - - Years -trading in financial instruments - - Years -banking - - Years
Profession c) Activity or business activity;
Profession. This document presents professional policies for working conditions, compensation, and evaluation of members. • Flexibility to Drive Rapid Student Progress. This document preserves the ability to make necessary changes quickly for the benefit of improving student outcomes.

Related to Profession

  • Professional Development 9.01 Continuous professional development is a hallmark of professional nursing practice. As a self-regulating profession, nursing recognizes the importance of maintaining a dynamic practice environment which includes ongoing learning, the maintenance of competence, career development, career counselling and succession planning. The parties agree that professional development includes a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to formal academic programs; short-term continuing education activities; certification programs; independent learning committee participation. The parties recognize their joint responsibility in and commitment to active participation in the area of professional development.

  • Professional Liability insurance shall be written with limits no less than $1,000,000 per claim and $1,000,000 policy aggregate limit, as applicable.

  • Professional Dues The District shall pay the Association dues of the Superintendent for the American Association of School Administrators, the Michigan Association of School Administrators and M.A.S.A. Region in which the School District is located as well as other appropriate affiliations as approved.

  • Professional Leave Professional leave without pay will be granted to full-time and regular part-time Nurses who are elected to the College of Nurses to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the College of Nurses. Professional leave without pay will be granted to Registered Nurses who are elected to the RNAO to attend regularly scheduled meetings. Professional leave without pay will be granted to Registered Practical Nurses who are elected to the RPNAO to attend regularly scheduled meetings. Sarnia-Lambton

  • Professional Development Leave A. Policy. Professional development leave shall be made available to employees who meet the requirements set forth below. Such leaves are granted to increase an employee's value to the University through enhanced opportunities for professional renewal, educational travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value, not as a reward for service.

  • PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR A. Teachers are expected to comply with reasonable rules, regulations, and directions adopted by the Board, or its representatives, which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, provided that a teacher may reasonably refuse to carry out an order which threatens physical safety or well being or is professionally demeaning.

  • Professional Rights A Pharmacist in his professional judgment may delay or refuse to fill or refill any prescription if there is reason to believe that such action would protect the health of the patient or where reasonable doubt exists as to the legality of said prescription or the legal use thereof, after first having established the fact by having consulted the prescriber if said prescriber is available.

  • Professional Day The period set forth in the Professional Day Article.

  • PROFESSIONAL AUTONOMY 1. Teachers shall, within the bounds of the prescribed curriculum, and consistent with effective educational practice have individual professional autonomy in determining the methods of instruction, and the planning and presentation of course materials in the classes of pupils to which they are assigned.

  • Professional Activities (a) Except for columns and opinion pieces, the Employer shall not use bylines, credit lines, pictures, caricatures or other forms of personal identification over an employee’s protest.