Power Tools Sample Clauses

Power Tools. 43.3.1 Where an Employee is specifically required to supply their own power tools (maximum of three (3) commercial quality power tools plus a lead) by the Employer, the Employer will be responsible for all consumables and tagging and will replace all stolen tools if in an Employer lock up. Where the Employer requires the Employee to lend a power tool to another Employee, the Employer is deemed to have taken ownership of the tool and will replace the tool with a new tool of the same brand and model or an agreed alternative. Power tools allowance shall be paid at the rates provided in the table of allowances.
Power Tools. 50.1 The Council shall determine whether or not power tools are required by its employees in the execution of their duties at the Council and will maintain such power tools at the Council's expense.
Power Tools. (x) Medical equipment used for diagnostic or life sustaining purposes.
Power Tools. At no time are power tools to be used on the farm without all of the following conditions having been met (NO EXCEPTIONS):
Power Tools. (h) All time spent by Employees travelling to and from distant work will be paid as if worked during the time the travel is taken.
Power Tools. The lists of required power tools are attached to the agreement as Appendix “C”. The company will repair employee power tools damaged or worn out on the job due to normal wear and tear. This will be limited to unavoidable damage. In case of dispute the repair shops decision will govern. In cases where a tool is worn out on the job and is not rebuildable or not worth rebuilding, a tool of equal value or calibre will be supplied and paid for by the Company. Where that tool is obsolete or unsuitable the Company will replace it with an equivalent tool. No new tools to be added to the tools lists for the duration of the agreement.
Power Tools. Only CSA approved properly grounded electrical tools with three pronged plugs or double insulated tools shall be used. Switch lock-on devices are not allowed on any electrical or air powered hand tools. Electrical tools operating at greater than 32 volts may only be used in damp or wet locations if protected by a „‟Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter”.
Power Tools. Power tools used directly for asbestos removal shall be equipped with a dust collection system.
Power Tools. The trade responsible for the distribution and collection of electric cords, power saws, drills and other tools owned by contractor shall be based on job expediency as determined by the employer.
Power Tools. (a) The Employer shall furnish the jobs with all power tools and necessary safety equipment for the safe operation of these power tools.