Positioning Sample Clauses

Positioning. Except as otherwise expressly provided in the Insertion Order, positioning of advertisements within the Yahoo properties or on any page is at the sole discretion of Yahoo. Yahoo may, at its sole discretion, remove from the insertion order (and substitute with similar inventory) any keyword or category page that it believes to be a trademark, trade name, company name, product name or brand name belonging to or claimed by a third party.
Positioning. Except as otherwise expressly provided in the Insertion Order, positioning of advertisements on any CIM web page is at the sole discretion of CIM. Advertiser acknowledges that CIM has not made any guarantees with respect to usage statistics or levels of impressions for any advertisement except where expressly stated in the Insertion Order. CIM provides Advertiser with estimated usage only as a courtesy to the Advertiser and shall not be held liable for any claims relating to said usage statistics. Any information collected by CIM or its site vendors relating to users or subscribers to CIM's or Advertiser's site (including without limitation any personally identifiable transactional data, "clickstream" data or demographic information relating to users of the site) shall be the property of CIM, and Advertiser shall not obtain any rights in such information by virtue of this Agreement.
Positioning. Except as otherwise expressly provided in the Advertising Agreement, positioning of advertisements within the MAG properties or on any page is at the sole discretion of MAG.
Positioning. NF/GA993 will be positioned in the highly productive pasture grass segment with claims of higher biomass and faster stand establishment than other available switchgrass varieties, NF/GA993 will also be positioned as the premier feedstock for bioconversion in the vicinity of any biorefinery using cellulosic biomass as a feedstock around which NF/GA993 demonstrates superior agronomic performance. NF/GA993 may also be positioned as a viable alternative forage in geographies where agronomic performance is adequate. Sales of NF/GA993 is likely to be best adapted in the southern US from Oklahoma, southern Kansas, southern Missouri to the east coast and south. CERES and NOBLE will test NF/GA993 farther north into Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, and Nebraska. Testing sites may also be established in California and Idaho. CERES will work with NOBLE to identify the range of adaptation for NF/GA993. States colored in blue in the figure have the highest potential acreage. States in green and red have significant potential but relatively small current grass acreage based on USDA data as shown in the table below. These areas have significant biomass yield potential and potential for construction of biorefineries, and it will be important to evaluate NF/GA993 to determine whether it is adapted to these growing areas. Winter Hay Wheat Sorghum Total State (x1000) (x1000) (x1000) (x1000) KS 2,200 9,600 2,650 14,450 TX 4,700 3,200 2,000 9,900 OK 2,700 3,900 230 6,830 Winter Hay Wheat Sorghum Total State (x1000) (x1000) (x1000) (x1000) MO 3,700 570 120 4,390 KY 2,200 300 2,500 TN 1,850 170 2,020 ID 300 730 1,660 AR 1,330 165 1,495 VA 1,190 170 1,360 NC 680 440 13 1133 CA 520 260 12 877 GA 650 160 30 840 MS 700 90 28 818 AL 760 50 6 816 LA 400 120 95 615 SC 330 170 6 506 FL 265 14 279 3. PROMOTION Promotional activities will include: • Articles and advertising in relevant magazinesAdvertising and promotions on the web • On farm testing and testimonialsBulletins of results of state yield trialsGrower meetings
Positioning. 6.1 The placement of each commercial is subject to availability at the time of booking and may be altered at the discretion of Ten.
Positioning. Positioning assumes placing promotional and information materials in the first, last position or in a certain position in the advertising block.
Positioning. Sector pay is also paid for positioning, but not for positioning related with initial training and it is calculated upon the total length of the journey. Airport stand-by When on airport stand-by, the Cabin Crew must be available in the Airport and ensure that they are reachable at all times, by landline or by mobile phone (preferred option). When on Airport stand-by duties, the following payments apply: All ranks Duration Payment If called to fly 00:00-3:59 hrs only sectors flown 4:00+ hrs 1 nominal sector + sectors flown If not called to fly 00:00-06:59 hrs 1 nominal sector 07:00+ hrs 2 nominal sectors Home stand-by When called from home stand-by duty, the cabin crew is required to report to work as soon as possible, no later than ninety minutes after being contacted. The cabin crew will not be entitled to any variable payment when on home stand-by, apart from the sectors actually flown. Ground training duties Cabin crew will not receive any variable pay for ground training duties (e.g. initial training, recurrent training, etc.) Night-stop Allowance Cabin Crew will receive an allowance per night of € 35.00 gross, in case of overnight rest away from base between all types of duties (included training, apart from initial training).
Positioning. What is the intended name of this program, project, or activity?