Residential Service Sample Clauses

Residential Service. Licensee shall extend its Cable System to serve dwelling units within the County as contemplated in this Section 7.1. Each unit in an MDU is counted as a dwelling unit in determining the residential density, provided a mutually acceptable agreement granting Licensee reasonable access to the MDU has been executed and delivered. Licensee is not required to make service available to residents of an MDU where the owner of the property has not granted Licensee reasonable access to the property.
Residential Service. In determining the “estimated annual revenue” to the Utility for each new residential customer connected to the Main Extension, the Utility shall be entitled to use its average annual revenue per residential customer realized by the Utility from comparable residential customers on its district water utility system in the calendar year preceding such connection, adjusted for any changes in the applicable rates and charges for such service which have become effective in such prior calendar year or in the current year on or before the date of the connection. In determining the Utility's investment, if any, in connecting each such residential customer, the Utility shall be entitled to use the average of its costs for the same size service connections for all residential customers incurred for its district water utility system during the preceding calendar year. Such investment in connecting may include all costs in connecting service to new customers, including services, meters and meter vaults and installation thereof.
Residential Service. [Intentionally Left Blank].
Residential Service a. All persons occupying or maintaining a place of residence in a single family dwelling or a multi-family dwelling of seven (7) units or less electing to participate in the program shall be provided regular waste/ recyclables collection service. The estimated number of such residential units is 1500. The Disposal Company will not be required to collect waste from any commercial trailer or mobile home facility.
Residential Service. Absent a showing by Licensee to the City Manager of unusual circumstances, including without limitation, unusual Public Street crossings: (1) any Standard Drop to a single family residence or MDU for which the owner has granted Licensee reasonable access shall be accomplished within 10 days of the request for service; and (2) any service drop that is not a Standard Drop shall be accomplished within 20 days of such request. When a service drop requires a line extension to a residence, the extension shall be accomplished in the time provided in Section 8.1 above.
Residential Service. WiredWest will provide the following to Residential Customers: Internet access service and Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) telephone service (together, “Residential Services”) on a Best Effort basis. Additional broadcast television services and other Internet-based services may be added to Residential Services as they become available. WiredWest shall manage compliance with federal, state and local laws applicable to such Residential Services, including filing applicable regulatory forms and remittance of taxes.
Residential Service. Residential service is designed for non commercial residential use. Any significant business usage may result in the upgrade of a residential account to a business account.