Pilot Sample Clauses

Pilot. Pilot means a Motion Picture produced as one (1) episode of a projected Series to determine whether to produce the Series later.
Pilot. Subject to §5.B, during the term of this Agreement and after issuance of a Notice to Proceed, the Parties intend to establish a pilot program for e-scooters for up to one year. At the end of that pilot program the Parties shall evaluate the success of the pilot program. The Parties may agree to extend the e-scooter pilot program to continue for any portion of the Initial Term or Renewal Term of this Agreement upon mutual agreement by the Parties confirmed in writing. In addition to any conditions for e-scooters contained in this Agreement, each Municipality may issue any additional e-scooter specific conditions prior to the establishment of the pilot. Operator expressly agrees to abide by all such e- scooter conditions that now exist. Prior to issuing the Notice to Proceed set forth in §5.B., the Municipality issuing the Notice to Proceed shall provide such condition to Gotcha to allow for adequate time for Gotcha to comply.
Pilot. For each tax year or portion thereof during the term of the Lease, the Company, as tenant, shall pay PILOT in accordance with Section 7(d) of the MOU.
Pilot. Athena shall notify certain eligible clients of the opportunity to benefit from Partner Services through the Pilot. The Parties will follow the guidelines described in Exhibit A while performing the Pilot. At a minimum, Exhibit A will include the detailed activities and responsibilities of the Parties in connection with the Pilot, the dates during which the Pilot will be in effect, and key performance indicators for the Pilot. [***]
Pilot. Within two weeks of the completion and successful testing of the POS System, the parties will conduct a Pilot involving at least 21 Q Comm Merchants. The Pilot will be conducted during a two-week period, during which the parties will use best efforts to resolve all identified issues. The Pilot may be extended upon the mutual agreement of the parties.
Pilot. The pilot of the aircraft during this lease will be . The type of license(s) held by this pilot is date of this pilot’s last F.A.A. approved class medical examination is . The pilot and any crew member(s) will be an employee(s) of: Check One:  Lessor (as independent contractor)  Lessee and/or Lessee’s Payroll Services Company Federal Aviation Regulations 91.119 and 91.303 address acrobatic flight and minimum safe altitudes. It shall be the responsibility of the Insuring Party hereunder to confirm that the pilot of the aircraft has an approved Motion Picture and Television Flight Operations Manual and has obtained a current Certificate of Waiver or authorization from the F.A.A. if the use of the aircraft falls under F.A.R. 91.119 and/or 91.303. Pilot has  has /  has not evidenced compliance with the above by filing with Lessee’s Insurance and Risk Management Department a copy of his Motion Picture and Television Flight Operations Manual and Waiver. SCHEDULE/LOCATION/USE: The period of this lease shall commence effective (date) at (location) and shall continue, subject to all terms and conditions of this agreement, until (date) at which time the aircraft shall be delivered to Lessor at (location) and the lease period shall be terminated. Upon reasonable notice, Lessor shall make the aircraft available to Lessee, upon these same terms, for use on subsequent date(s) that may be reasonably necessary to meet Lessee’s production requirements. Lessee shall be given the full unrestricted use of the aircraft to accomplish the necessary transportation, effects and/or film sequences as it requires, subject always to the pilot’s determination of safety, aircraft performance, F.A.A. or N.T.S.B. restrictions or other state or federal requirements.
Pilot. 12.4.1 Upon the completion of the Works on all of the Pilot Sites (including the commissioning) by Supplier to ISR's full satisfaction, ISR shall execute commission tests on all Pilot PCM. In the event that all Pilot PCM shall run Sixty (60) consecutive days without any defect and/or faults, ISR shall that sign within Fourteen (14) Days a Form of Pilot Acceptance Certificate.