Pedestrian Sample Clauses

Pedestrian. That part of Xxx 0, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx County, Kansas, described as commencing at the northeast corner of Lot 3 in said addition; thence S89°56’00”W along the north line of said addition, 400.86 feet to the place of beginning; thence N89°56’00”E along said north line, 122.87 feet; thence S00°05’00”E, 65.89 feet; thence S62°08’27”W, 15.54 feet; thence S00°05’00”E, 235.39 feet; thence S90°00’00”W, 25.90 feet; thence N00°05’00”W, 32.23 feet; thence N89°55’00”E, 11.00 feet; thence N00°05’00”W, 28.00 feet; thence S89°55’00”W, 11.00 feet; thence N00°05’00”W, 169.79 feet; thence S89°56’00”W, 104.22 feet; thence N00°05’00”W, 18.47 feet; thence N89°56’00”E, 21.00 feet; thence N00°05’00”W, 60.00 feet to the place of beginning, containing 15,557 square feet, more or less.
Pedestrian. Elements and
Pedestrian a) The pedestrian walks shall be concrete or asphalt as required by city Engineer and shall be ten (10) feet wide.

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  • Sidewalks entrances, passages, elevators, vestibules, stairways, corridors, halls, lobby and any other part of the Building shall not be obstructed or encumbered by any Tenant or used for any purpose other than ingress or egress to and from each tenant’s premises. Landlord shall have the right to control and operate the common portions of the Building and exterior facilities furnished for common use of the tenants (such as the eating, smoking, and parking areas) in such a manner as Landlord deems appropriate.

  • Parking All parking on the Property is unreserved. ------- Tenant and its invitees, permittees and employees shall not use more than the number of allocated parking spaces designated pursuant to the parking ratios set forth on Exhibit E, attached hereto and made a part hereof, at --------- any given time and Landlord and its invitees, permittees, employees and tenants, other than Tenant, shall not use more than the remaining number of parking spaces on the Property at any given time. The parking ratios in Exhibit E shall be based upon Tenant's Percentage Share of the total parking --------- spaces on the Property. Exhibit E shall also include a current count of --------- parking spaces allocated to Tenant based on such ratio. Parking indicated on Exhibit E which is not allocated to Tenant is allocated to Landlord and --------- other tenants and visitors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Exhibit E has not been completed at the time this Lease is executed, --------- Landlord and Tenant agree to use reasonable and good faith efforts to work together to complete an agreed upon Exhibit E, and upon the completion --------- thereof, it shall then be incorporated herein as if it has been attached upon the execution hereof. If the parties are unable to agree upon an Exhibit E within six (6) months following execution of this Lease, then the --------- parties may agree to extend the six (6) month time period to submit the resolution of the completion of Exhibit E to arbitration pursuant to section --------- ------- 15.11 or 15.16, whichever is applicable. If Tenant is using more than its ----- ----- allocated number of parking spaces Landlord may obtain an injunction prohibiting such use and may take such other reasonable action (including posting signs and installing gates or other parking control devises) to remedy the situation and Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for such costs. If Landlord is using more than the remaining number of parking spaces on the Property, Tenant may obtain an injunction prohibiting such use and avail itself of any other remedy available hereunder. The parties acknowledge that in applying the parking ratios under Exhibit E, the number of parking spaces --------- allocated to Tenant and Landlord will change with charges in the amount of usable building floor area comprising the Premises. If Tenant's parking needs increase materially beyond the number of parking spaces allocated pursuant to Exhibit E and Landlord agrees to construct or provide additional --------- parking for Tenant's use, Tenant shall pay all reasonable costs incurred by Landlord related thereto. If Landlord's parking needs increase materially beyond the number of parking spaces allocated pursuant to Exhibit E, --------- Landlord shall construct or provide additional parking for Landlord's use at Landlord's sole cost and expense.

  • Roads 16. (1) The Joint Venturers shall —

  • Parking Areas Landlord and Tenant agree that Landlord will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to vehicles, or the contents thereof, parked or left in the parking areas of the Premises and Tenant agrees to so advise its employees, visitors or invitees who may use such parking areas. Parking areas shall be utilized in a reasonable manner to allow for the efficient joint use of the Joint Use Area as contemplated by Section 1.4 above. All responsibility for damage and theft to vehicles and their contents is assumed by Tenant or Tenant’s partners, trustees, officers, directors, shareholders, members, beneficiaries, licensees, invitees, or any assignees, subtenants or assignees’ or subtenants’ agents, employees, contractors, servants, guests, or independent contractors (collectively, “Tenant Parties”). Tenant shall repair or cause to be repaired, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, any and all damage to any portion of the Property caused by the use by Tenant Parties of the driveway or parking areas within the Property. Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant by reason of any moratorium, initiative, referendum, statute, regulation or other governmental action which could in any manner prevent or limit the parking rights of Tenant hereunder. Any governmental charges or surcharges or other monetary obligations imposed relative to parking rights with respect to the Building shall be considered assessments and shall be payable by Tenant as set forth in Section 5.1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord shall be liable for any damage caused by its negligent use of the Joint Use Area.

  • Parking Area All Common Area (except sidewalks and service delivery facilities) now or hereafter designated by Landlord for the parking or access of motor vehicles, including roads, traffic lanes, vehicular parking spaces, landscaped areas and walkways, and including any parking structure constructed during the Term. Landlord and/or its successors may, by written notice to Tenant, elect in their sole discretion to increase and/or decrease the Parking Area from time to time during the Term for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation an election by Landlord and/or its successors in their sole discretion to make changes to the buildings situated in the Project, and/or to subdivide, sell, exchange, dispose of, transfer, or change the configuration of all or any portion of the Parking Area from time to time), so long as such changes to the Parking Area do not reduce the number of parking spaces available for Tenant's use below the minimum requirements set forth in PARAGRAPH 37 for a period of sixty (60) consecutive days or more. No such subdivision, sale, exchange, disposition, transfer, or change to the configuration of all or any portion of the Parking Area shall cause the Parking Area to be increased or decreased unless and until Landlord has given Tenant written notice of such increase or decrease.

  • Elevators Elevators for the use of all tenants and the general public for access to and from all floors of the Building, programming of elevators (including, but not limited to, service elevators), shall be as Landlord from time to time determines best for the Building as a whole.

  • Parking Facilities Alamo Colleges shall make the existing parking facilities at the rented Facility available for the vehicular traffic and parking necessitated by the Organization’s Use of the rented Facility, on a non-exclusive basis, as specified at Exhibit A. MAXIMUM CAPACITY. Organization anticipates approximately the number of participants stated at Exhibit A and agrees to inform Alamo Colleges of any significant changes five (5) business days in advance of a Use. Organization shall not admit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about the Facility. Alamo Colleges shall notify Organization of the recommended capacity of the Facility and all decisions of Alamo Colleges concerning questions arising under this Paragraph shall be final.

  • Common Areas Landlord hereby grants to Tenant, for the benefit of Tenant and its employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, contractors, and invitees, during the Term, the nonexclusive right to use the Common Areas as they exist from time to time, subject to any rights, powers, and privileges reserved by Landlord under the terms hereof or under the terms of any Rules and Regulations governing the use of the Common Areas. Under no circumstances will the right granted herein be deemed to include the temporary or permanent right to store any property in the Common Areas. Landlord may, from time to time: (a) establish, modify, amend, and enforce the Rules and Regulations regarding the Common Areas; (b) make changes to the Common Areas, including, without limitation, changes in the location, size, shape, and number of driveways, entrances, ingress, egress, direction of traffic, parking spaces, parking areas, loading and unloading areas, landscaped areas, and walkways; (c) close temporarily any of the Common Areas for maintenance purposes so long as reasonable access to the Premises remains available; (d) add additional buildings and improvements to the Common Areas; and (e) do and perform such other acts and make such other changes in, to, or with respect to the Common Areas as Landlord may, in the exercise of sound business judgment, deem to be appropriate. All parking areas, driveways, entrances and exits thereto, stairways, lobbies, and all other Common Areas will be at all times subject to the exclusive control and management of Landlord.

  • Loading Not to place a load upon the Premises exceeding an average rate of one hundred (100) pounds of live load per square foot of floor area; and not to move any safe, vault or other heavy equipment in, about or out of the Premises except in such a manner and at such times as Landlord shall in each instance approve; Tenant's business machines and mechanical equipment which cause vibration or noise that may be transmitted to the Building structure shall be placed and maintained by Tenant in settings of cork, rubber, spring, or other types of vibration eliminators sufficient to eliminate such vibration or noise;

  • Restrooms The restrooms, toilets, urinals, vanities and the other apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be thrown therein. The expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this rule shall be borne by the Tenant whom, or whose employees or invitees, shall have caused it.