PCC Sample Clauses

PCC. “PCC” means Defendant Preferred Credit Corporation (f/k/a T.A.R., Preferred Mortgage Corporation) as identified in the Seventh Amended Complaint in the Litigation.
PCC. The Program Coordinating Committee established pursuant to the IID/MWD 1988 Agreement.
PCC. PCC is a company incorporated in Australia with limited liability, and a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of EQ Equity. The principal business activity of PCC is property holding and development in Australia.
PCC. Reduced to a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the total original Letter of Credit;

Related to PCC

  • Cornerstone shall use its best efforts to register or qualify such shares under such other securities or "blue sky" laws of such jurisdictions as the LLC reasonably requests and do any and all other acts and things which may be reasonably necessary or advisable to enable the LLC to consummate the disposition in such jurisdictions of the Registered Shares (provided that Cornerstone shall not be required to (i) qualify generally to do business in any jurisdiction in which it would not otherwise be required to qualify but for this Section 6.9, (ii) subject itself to taxation in any such jurisdiction, or (iii) consent to general service of process in any such jurisdiction).

  • Asset Management Services (i) Real Estate and Related Services:

  • Přetrvající platnost This Section 3 “

  • Services to the Corporation Agent will serve, at the will of the Corporation or under separate contract, if any such contract exists, as a director of the Corporation or as a director, officer or other fiduciary of an affiliate of the Corporation (including any employee benefit plan of the Corporation) faithfully and to the best of his ability so long as he is duly elected and qualified in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws or other applicable charter documents of the Corporation or such affiliate; provided, however, that Agent may at any time and for any reason resign from such position (subject to any contractual obligation that Agent may have assumed apart from this Agreement) and that the Corporation or any affiliate shall have no obligation under this Agreement to continue Agent in any such position.

  • Adaptive Management Adaptive Management allows for mutually agreed-upon changes to the Agreement’s conservation measures in response to changing conditions or new information. If the expected results of the conservation measures appear ineffective, management activities can be changed or alternative activities undertaken to achieve desired results. Decisions related to adaptive management will be based on an evaluation of compliance and biological monitoring results detailed in the annual reports, and of field observations by the Cooperators and Parties. The NWDPS team may also be asked to review reports and field observations and determine whether the management actions and/or conservation measures are adequate. Adaptive management decisions may be made at any time as deemed necessary by the Parties, however, a major evaluation of this Agreement will be implemented every fifth year to ensure that conservation goals are being achieved. Conservation measures will be evaluated to determine whether they result in increased protection of LCT i.e. reduced incidental take and/or improved conditions for LCT. The evaluation will include an assessment of incidental take on individual enrolled properties to determine if take can be prevented or reduced through modifications to management actions and/or conservation measures on aquatic habitats or adjacent lands. If management actions or conservation measures need to be altered to improve benefits for the species, this will be done by amending future Cooperative Agreements, not by altering the responsibilities of existing Cooperators. However, if existing Cooperators agree to alter their Cooperative Agreements, modifications of their responsibilities will be addressed on a case-by- case basis. Strategies to reduce incidental take, if necessary, will be reviewed with individual Cooperators and implemented where appropriate on a voluntary basis.

  • Přetrvávající platnost Tento odstavec 1.3 “Zdravotní záznamy a Studijní data a údaje” zůstane závazný i v případě zániku platnosti či vypršení platnosti této Smlouvy.

  • Operations Fire An “Operations Fire” is a fire caused by Purchaser’s Operations other than a Neg- ligent Fire. Forest Service, except as provided in B7.3, shall use cooperative deposits under B4.218 to perform fire sup- pression activities on Operations Fires. Xxxxxxxxx agrees to reimburse Forest Service for such cost for each Opera- tions Fire, subject to a maximum of the dollar amount stated in A14. The cost of Purchaser’s actions, supplies, and equipment on any such fire provided pursuant to B7.3, or otherwise at the request of Forest Service, shall be credited toward such maximum. If Purchaser’s actual cost exceeds Purchaser’s obligation stated in A14, Forest Service shall reimburse Purchaser for the excess.

  • Investment Management Services (a) The Manager shall manage the Fund’s assets subject to and in accordance with the investment objectives and policies of the Fund and any directions which the Trust’s Board of Trustees may issue from time to time. In pursuance of the foregoing, the Manager shall make all determinations with respect to the investment of the Fund’s assets and the purchase and sale of its investment securities, and shall take such steps as may be necessary to implement the same. Such determinations and services shall include determining the manner in which any voting rights, rights to consent to corporate action and any other rights pertaining to the Fund’s investment securities shall be exercised. The Manager shall render or cause to be rendered regular reports to the Trust, at regular meetings of its Board of Trustees and at such other times as may be reasonably requested by the Trust’s Board of Trustees, of (i) the decisions made with respect to the investment of the Fund’s assets and the purchase and sale of its investment securities, (ii) the reasons for such decisions and (iii) the extent to which those decisions have been implemented.

  • Construction Management Services If Owner engages Pinnacle to oversee Project Improvements, over and above routine maintenance, such improvements shall be performed under a separate written agreement. Owner agrees to pay Pinnacle five percent (5%) of the total cost of the improvements for overseeing the improvement project to completion

  • SERVICES TO THE COMPANY In consideration of the Company’s covenants and obligations hereunder, Indemnitee will serve or continue to serve as an officer, director, advisor, key employee or in any other capacity of the Company, as applicable, for so long as Indemnitee is duly elected or appointed or retained or until Indemnitee tenders his or her resignation or until Indemnitee is removed. The foregoing notwithstanding, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect after Indemnitee has ceased to serve as a director, officer, advisor, key employee or in any other capacity of the Company, as provided in Section 17. This Agreement, however, shall not impose any obligation on Indemnitee or the Company to continue Indemnitee’s service to the Company beyond any period otherwise required by law or by other agreements or commitments of the parties, if any.