Payout Sample Clauses

Payout. At the commencement of the period of leave, the College shall pay to the participant the moneys standing to his/her credit less any premiums or contributions deducted for the year, except as may otherwise be mutually agreed, it being understood that interest is not earned for the period of leave.
Payout. Subject to Section 9 of the Plan, as soon as practicable following the end of the Award Cycle, but in no event later than the 15th day of the third month thereafter, the Committee shall determine and certify to the number of Performance Units earned hereunder and, after the Committee certifies in writing the number of Performance Units earned and that all other material terms of the award have been satisfied, earned Performance Units, if any, will be paid to the Participant, or on the Participant’s death, to the Participant’s beneficiary under the Plan, by issuing a certificate for shares of Common Stock equal in number to the earned Performance Units (disregarding any fraction).
Payout. Employees will be allowed to bank overtime and stand-by time with the understanding that any time in excess of five (5) days each must be taken as time off by the last pay period in May following the year in which it was earned, or it will be paid out by the second pay period in June.
Payout. For Award Year 2018 Employees will receive a total award based on the difference between the ending award value and the beginning award value for the Award Year times 150 success units plus the dividend rate value. For example: Stock Appreciation Value: Beginning award value – October 2, 2017 closing AT&T stock price $33.00 Ending award value – September 28, 2018 closing AT&T stock price $38.00 Payout – $38 - $33 = $5 x 150 success units = $750.00 Dividend Rate Value: December 2017 declared dividend $.47 March 2018 declared dividend $.47 June 2018 declared dividend $.47 September 2018 declared dividend $.47 Total Declared Dividend $1.88 Dividend Rate Value - $1.88 x 150 success units = $282.00 Total Award $750.00 stock appreciation value + $282.00 dividend rate value = $1,032.00 The award payment will be made as soon as practicable after the award year and will normally occur the payday of the last full pay period in November.
Payout. In the event the employee received sick leave payout at the time of layoff, he/she may elect to have all his/her sick leave accruals reinstated at the time of re- employment by reimbursing the Department the amount of the payout for sick leave at the time of layoff. In the event reimbursement is made, the employee will remain eligible for sick leave payout as described in 12.13
Payout. It is the intent of the Parties that Annual Leave be taken in the year in which earned. In the unusual circumstances that the full annual leave entitlement is not taken by the end of the calendar year, the days remaining to the Employee's credit will be paid out by February 15th of the subsequent year unless carried over in accordance with Article 17.9 or unless paid out at the time of ending of employment.
Payout. In order to receive any award under this Agreement, Recipient must be employed by the Company on December 31, (the “Vesting Date”), except as provided by Sections 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 4.
Payout a. The Board will pay out the incentive bonus either in the year the employee retires or during the year following retirement and shall be calculated as a percentage of the employee’s salary scale in the following amounts: Age in Month of Retirement Percentage of Annual Salary 55-59 years of age 35% 60-64 years of age 25%