Pass Sample Clauses

Pass. Through Cost – Costs approved by the Department that are necessary to complete the authorized deliverable, but are unknown or incidental at date of the execution of the contract. These costs are not expensed against the authorized amount of the Contract and Work Authorization. No profit, management fee, or service fee by the Acquisition Provider is allowed on pass-through costs. Example: In order to complete the deliverable, the Acquisition Provider pays the county courthouse recording fees and submits the receipt for reimbursement to the Department for the exact amount.
Pass. Eights Dollars ($8.00) per report
Pass. Four Dollars and Fifty Cents Three Dollars and Seventy-Fifty Cents
Pass. THROUGH EXPENSES All telecommunications line charges and associated channel extenders and front-end processors necessary for connectivity between Wards' corporate complex, Signature and Supplier's data center, shall be Pass-Through Expenses, to be invoiced monthly to Wards without mark-up.
Pass or “PASS Leaders,” “PASS members” or “employees” as hereinafter used shall mean the PrincipalsAssociation of Seattle Schools. PASS is composed of four constituent units – Seattle Association of Elementary School Principals, Seattle Association of Middle School Administrators and Seattle Association of Secondary School Principals.
Pass where "Pass-Fail" is given.
Pass. ’ means a parking pass issued to you by us or our Car Park Service Provider permitting you to use the Licensed Area.