Pass Through Fees definition

Pass Through Fees means charges to TSG for certain services or products that it acquires from third parties to enable it (in part) to provide the Services, which charges TSG passes through as fees charged to Customer. The initial list of Pass Through Fees are identified in Schedule 10.4.
Pass Through Fees has the meaning specified in Exhibit B.
Pass Through Fees means the fees paid or to be paid to Borrower by registrants for events, licenses, or other services for which Borrower provides registration, licensing, or other pass-through services.

Examples of Pass Through Fees in a sentence

  • For declined and zero amount transactions, Contractor may only charge the applicable Interchange Pass Through Fees (if any) but may not charge any other transaction fees.

  • Effective October 1, 2004, upon written notice in accordance with section 2.5, Certegy shall have the right, three times during the Extended Period, to increase one or more of the fees set forth on the Schedules, excluding the Pass Through Fees, by a percentage equal to the Percentage Increase, if any, in the Consumer Price Index as described below, but not to exceed 3% in any one increase.

  • In addition, Customer shall retain responsibility for Pass Through Fees as otherwise specified in this Agreement.

  • Inugo shall invoice Customer annually in advance for the Services, and not later than the end of each month for any Pass Through Fees, provide to the Customer an invoice for the fees payable by the Customer in that month.

  • No reduction, refund or reimbursement of any Pass Through Fees charged shall be applicable.

  • Upon the termination of any SA or CA as provided in this Section 20, Lessee will not be obligated to pay any future Fees for the Premises, but will remain obligated to pay any Pass Through Fees that must be paid to the Land Owner, including during any renewal term of the Ground Lease.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, Pass- Through Fees can also be applied as non-Recurring Fees, for such things as cable hardware and labor to implement additional LAN cabling that may be provisioned through a Work Order following the Transformation.

  • As of the Closing Date, Lessee will pay fees, and, if applicable, Pass Through Fees, Preparation Fees, and Reimbursement Fees, at the rates stated in Schedule 1of this Agreement regardless of whether the conversion documents have been fully executed.

  • Any Federal, State, and/or local government sponsored fees shall be charged as Pass Through Fees with no Administrative Processing Fees included.

  • Ms. Jones indicated during this teleconference that Plaintiff had been extremely depressed over the last six months but that his condition had “slightly improved.” AR at 75.

More Definitions of Pass Through Fees

Pass Through Fees means any fees incurred by MX in performing the Collection, Testing and Delivery Services which are not Collection Fees or Testing Fees, as notified by MX to the Buyer.
Pass Through Fees has the meaning set forth in Section 3.11(a)(iii).

Related to Pass Through Fees

  • Pass-through entity means a partnership not treated as an association taxable as a C corporation for federal income tax purposes, a limited liability company not treated as an association taxable as a C corporation for federal income tax purposes, an S corporation, or any other class of entity from which the income or profits of the entity are given pass-through treatment for federal income tax purposes. "Pass-through entity" does not include a trust, estate, grantor of a grantor trust, or disregarded entity.

  • Pass Through Trust means each of the two separate grantor trusts that have been created pursuant to the Pass Through Trust Agreements to facilitate certain of the transactions contemplated by the Operative Documents.