Partially Sample Clauses

Partially paid leave is a leave in which a unit member receives part of his/her full salary. Unit members on partially paid leave will receive, during his/her absence, the benefits included in Article 16.
Partially. Compliant means the State has made tangible progress in achieving substantial compliance with key components of a provision of this Agreement, but significant work remains.
Partially c) No, they are opposed
Partially. 4 NO: 0 Was the vendor prompt and effective in correction of situations and conditions? YES:4 PARTIALLY :2 NO: 0 Are you able to track service level agreements and determine duration of incidents from the vendor? YES:4 PARTIALLY :2 NO: 0 16 3. QUALITY Rating guidelines Procurement Score User's Score Comments Totals When performing their duties, was there - rework or returns caused by non conformance to quality? NO:10 PARTIALLY :5 YES: 0 Was the quality of service /goods delivered equal to KPPF’s minimum requirements? YES:1 0 PARTIALLY :5 NO:0 20 4.RESPONSI VENESS Rating guidelines Procurement Score User's Score Comments Totals Was the vendor well responsive to information requests, issues, or problems that arose in the course of service? YES:6 PARTIALLY :3 NO: 0 Was the vendor open to feedback on low quality of service levels and willing to act on this? YES:4 PARTIALLY :2 NO: 0 Is it easy to reach staff members of suppliers in case of a request or query? (are communication channels clear?) YES:4 PARTIALLY :2 NO: 0 14
Partially benefited (variable, part-time and seasonal) employees shall after their initial two months of continuous service become bargaining unit members for the limited purposes described in Article 1.6.2 (Usage) and shall pay to the Union dues.
Partially exempt continuing connected transactions As the applicable percentage ratios in respect of the Proposed Deposit Annual Caps for the Deposit Services contemplated under the Financial Services Framework Agreement (2019); and the annual caps for the continuing connected transactions contemplated under each of (i) the Master Sales Agreement (2019), (ii) the Master Processing Services Agreement (2019), (iii) the Master Procurement Agreement (2019) and (iv) the Master Subcontracting Services Agreement (2019) on an annual basis, are more than 0.1% but less than 5%, the continuing connected transactions thereunder are subject to the reporting, announcement and annual review requirements and are exempt from the circular (including independent financial advice) and independent shareholdersapproval requirements under Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules. In view of the directorship(s) and/or senior management position(s) held by Xx. Xxx Xxxxx, Xx. Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xx. Xx Xxxxx, Mr. Xxxx Xx and Xx. Xxxx Xxx, all of whom are directors of the Company, CIMC and/or certain subsidiaries of CIMC, they are deemed to be materially interested in the continuing connected transactions contemplated under the abovementioned agreements and have abstained from voting on the relevant Board resolutions. Other than the aforementioned, none of the other Directors has a material interest in the continuing connected transactions contemplated under the abovementioned agreements.
Partially benefited (seasonal, variable and part-time) employees shall be defined according to the City of Bellevue Employment Status Definitions in effect as April 27, 2015, and all rules in those definitions shall apply. In lieu of being covered by the provisions of the articles of the partieslabor agreement (which is applicable to regular and limited term fully-benefited employees as defined herein), partially benefited employees shall be paid pursuant to the partially-benefited employee wage schedule set forth in Appendix “B”.
Partially. Compliant Recording of inpatient drug delivery will be provided in a future development, and will be guided by the Authority's requirements. The extension of the existing drug administration functionality for in-patient use requires minimal development work and can be incorporated into a release early in 2012. This functionality will be added to the product at no additional charge to all user sites with a current maintenance contract. The current drug administration module is integrated with Haemodialysis treatment functionality. The addition of the module to the Global tools menu for use in all clinical settings requires minimal development and configuration effort.
Partially consumed bottles of alcohol may not be held for future use, are not permitted outside of Eve and are forfeited at close of business.
Partially. Comments