Paramedics Sample Clauses

Paramedics. All Firefighters and Lieutenants who are Department Protocoled Paramedics shall receive the fifteen (15%) percent assignment pay and shall be required to function as Paramedics. Driver Operators, who are Department Protocoled Paramedics, shall receive ten (10%) percent Paramedic assignment. Captains who are Department Protocoled Paramedics shall receive ten (10%) percent Paramedic assignment pay. Department Protocoled Paramedics assigned to Station 81 (ARFF) shall be eligible for ARFF assignment pay and ARFF Driver Pay (paid only when performing as a driver on a daily basis), in addition to the Paramedic assignment pay described above. Department Protocoled Paramedics assigned to the Bureau of Safety Services who also possess a current State Fire Safety Inspector certification shall be eligible to receive Fire Prevention (with full-time Fire Safety Inspector certification) pay, in addition to the Paramedic assignment pay described above. Probationary Paramedics who utilize extended leave shall have their fifteen (15%) percent Paramedic pay removed from their base pay for the period of their extended leave. Upon return to duty from extended leave, the employee shall be eligible to again receive fifteen (15%) percent Paramedic pay.
Paramedics. Each member holding paramedic certification will be compensated for off duty time to attend in-house continuing education as outlined in the Labor-Management Agreement, Article XI, Section 2,A.(6). Each member holding paramedic certification shall be given the opportunity to earn a minimum of 36 hours of overtime pay per calendar year, for in-house Paramedic Continuing Education. The member may elect to take overtime pay as compensatory time. In- house Paramedic Continuing Education must be approved by the Fire Chief or his designee.
Paramedics. 35.01 The Parma Fire Department shall maintain a minimum of sixty-six (66) firefighter paramedics and six (6) paramedic officers.
Paramedics. Paramedics will not be forced to work more than 72 hours in a row (as paramedics) due to a force hire, unless it is due to extreme emergency. Continuing education up to the minimum required by the county, will be compensated by the District. This includes fees and overtime required for off duty attendance. Records must be maintained with the accountant to qualify for overtime. When a regular firefighter position is open, the paramedics will be given the option of taking the regular firefighter position, and give up their paramedic status for the District. If more than one paramedic wants the firefighter position, then the selection will be based on seniority. If a paramedic promotes to a higher rank, and they can maintain their State of California paramedic license and National Registry Certification for those who are required to maintain the NR certification, they will be paid overtime when off duty for attending continuing education classes for state certification, PALS, ACLS and National registry certification. The District will reimburse tuition for PALS, ACLS, state licensing fee and national registry. Anyone who receives the money must be available for the District to use them as paramedics if the unexpected/short term need arises (up to 6 months). The most recently promoted paramedic will be subject to cover the vacancy. If after 6 months there are others available on the recall list, that list will be utilized to fill the vacancy. If there are no other personnel qualified to fill a vacancy, the District will pursue other remedies. Personnel utilized to fill a vacancy under this policy will be relieved of job duties associated with their current rank. If a promoted paramedic is utilized to fill a paramedic vacancy, he/she will receive their regular salary with no additional compensation. Minimum staffing of paramedics is 5.
Paramedics a. The City and the Union recognize the desirability of providing paramedic-level medical services to the residents of the City and for the benefit of its employees.
Paramedics. A) A newly certified Paramedic or a newly hired Firemedic/Paramedic shall receive Probationary Firemedic/Paramedic specialty pay to be included in the base pay. After successful completion of the probationary preceptor program, the employee’s paramedic specialty rate shall increase to the Apprentice Paramedic rate. When an employee successfully completes 1 year of service as an Apprentice Paramedic, they shall receive the Journeyman Paramedic specialty rate of pay.
Paramedics. (Percentage as stated in Appendix A.4) Receipt of Paramedic Pay shall be contingent upon maintenance of a valid paramedic certificate, and upon continuous application of those skills in the City’s Mobile Intensive Care units.
Paramedics. (i) Paramedics in Moosonee will receive a retention incentive of $3500 after 2080 regular hours of service, $4500 after 4160 regular hours of service, $5500 after 6240 regular hours of service, and $5500 for each subsequent 2080 hours of regular service thereafter.
Paramedics. The City agrees to pay seven percent (7%) above the regular base pay to members who are in active paramedic status and who fall under the classifications Firefighter Entry 0-1 Year to Firefighter 4+ Years. The City agrees to pay five percent (5%) above the regular base pay to members who are in active paramedic status and who fall under the classifications Lieutenant I through Captain II. The percent increase for active paramedic status will be included in determining the base rate for overtime purposes.