Paperwork Sample Clauses

Paperwork. Applicator will invoice consumer using approved Granite Shield sales worksheets and all checks will be made payable to . PRINCIPAL will make available all products for sealing applications to applicator. Invoices must include consumer’s name, address, and phone number, as well as square footage, what was and location of what was sealed, total price and consumer’s signature of completion to activate warranty. Paperwork to the Granite Shield corporate office is due on the 1st of every month faxed to the Granite Shield corporate office which includes the Granite Shield coversheet completely filled out and an inventory of Granite Shield chemicals. All customer are to be provided with the Granite Shield warranty information document and cleaning instructions.
Paperwork. Any payment or delivery required under this Agreement shall be subject to all requirements of the law with regard to withholding, filing, making of reports, and the like, and Company shall use its best efforts to satisfy promptly all such requirements.
Paperwork a. Site-Based Paperwork
Paperwork. 2.1 The paperwork sent with the run should state the device, its revision letter, the lot number and quantity of wafers being shipped.
Paperwork. Article 7R of the collective bargaining agreement covering teachers shall be amended to add the following:
Paperwork. Within one (1) day following the execution of this Agreement, Licensor shall provide any account information and forms necessary to set Licensor up as a new payee in Licensor’s accounts payable system, to facilitate the processing of the payment set forth in Article 3.1 above.
Paperwork. Sponsors understand that the School wishes to utilize its resources in working closely with the students, rather than spending a lot of time and resources in Administrative and Bureaucratic duties. Therefore, the School keeps, maintains, and retains only minimal records and paperwork. The Sponsors understand and agree to accept whatever records and paperwork the School, in its sole discretion, deems necessary to keep, maintain or retain.
Paperwork. You agree to sign and return all documents required for recovery of the Claim to the Company promptly.
Paperwork. The member understands that he/she is responsible for completing and submitting all paperwork by the assigned deadlines. The member also understands he/she will be receiving significant program information via electronic mail, phone call, and/or member list serves, as well as in written form, and must complete program paperwork by assigned deadlines. The member understands he/she is also responsible for providing up-to-date contact information, and is responsible for contacting the SOS Campus Partner to provide change of address/contact information (including name, mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.). Failure to complete program requirements may result in being released from the term of service and/or exited from the program. Also, once a member completes their term of service, they are expected to fully complete their exit paperwork as soon as possible so they can be officially exited from the program and their voucher can be made available to the member for their service. If a member fails to complete their term of service or exit paperwork (this includes all items on their exit checklist including all evaluations) by their completion date, the member risks losing their award because of violation of program compliance rules.
Paperwork. The Paperwork area provides internal and external documentation remittance and delivery services, procedures, paperwork, etc.