Ownership of all Sample Clauses

Ownership of all. Background IPR shall remain with the respective owner but each Party hereby grants the other Party a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free licence to use such of its Background IPR as necessary to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement.
Ownership of all. Natural Gas and Oil produced by the Partnership from the Mining Usufruct Area shall pass to the Partnership at the wellhead.

Related to Ownership of all

  • Ownership of Marks Each party acknowledges and agrees that (a) the other party's Marks are and shall remain the sole property of the other party, (b) nothing in the Agreement shall confer in a party any right of ownership or license rights in the other party's Marks, and (c) neither party shall register the other party's Marks in any jurisdiction. In addition, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that (i) the Marks of Third-Party Licensors are and shall remain the sole property of such Third- Party Licensors, (ii) nothing in the Agreement shall confer in Licensee any right of ownership or license rights in the Marks of Third-Party Licensors, and (iii) Licensee shall not register the Marks of Third-Party Licensors. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Licensee agrees not to use or adopt any trade name, trademark, logo or service mark which is so similar to Fannie Mae's Marks or the Marks of Third-Party Licensors as to be likely to cause deception or confusion, or which is graphically or phonetically similar to any of Fannie Mae's Marks or the Marks of Third-Party Licensors.

  • Ownership of Content 4.1 All materials forming the paper based version of TTRS, and all materials displayed on the Site and the Apps, including without limitation all information, text, materials, graphics, software, tools, results derived from the use of software and tools, advertisements, names, logos and trade marks on the paper based version, the Site and the Apps (Content) are protected by copyright, trade mark and other intellectual property laws unless otherwise indicated.

  • Ownership of Results Any interest of Contractor or its Subcontractors, in drawings, plans, specifications, blueprints, studies, reports, memoranda, computation sheets, computer files and media or other documents prepared by Contractor or its subcontractors in connection with services to be performed under this Agreement, shall become the property of and will be transmitted to City. However, Contractor may retain and use copies for reference and as documentation of its experience and capabilities.

  • Ownership of Assets The Company and its subsidiaries have good and marketable title to all property (whether real or personal) described in the Registration Statement, in the Time of Sale Disclosure Package and in the Prospectus as being owned by them, in each case free and clear of all liens, claims, security interests, other encumbrances or defects except such as are described in the Registration Statement, in the Time of Sale Disclosure Package and in the Prospectus. The property held under lease by the Company and its subsidiaries is held by them under valid, subsisting and enforceable leases with only such exceptions with respect to any particular lease as do not interfere in any material respect with the conduct of the business of the Company or its subsidiaries.

  • OWNERSHIP OF THE ASSETS LNY will have exclusive and absolute ownership and control of its assets, including all assets in the Variable Account.

  • Ownership of Data All Data transmitted to the Operator pursuant to the Service Agreement is and will continue to be the property of and under the control of the LEA. The Operator further acknowledges and agrees that all copies of such Data transmitted to the Operator, including any modifications or additions or any portion thereof from any source, are subject to the provisions of this DPA in the same manner as the original Data. The Parties agree that as between them, all rights, including all intellectual property rights in and to Data contemplated per the Service Agreement shall remain the exclusive property of the LEA.

  • Ownership of Claims Employee represents and warrants that he is the sole and lawful owner of all rights, title and interest in and to all released matters, claims and demands referred to herein. Employee further represents and warrants that there has been no assignment or other transfer of any interest in any such matters, claims or demands which he may have against the Releasees.

  • Ownership of Rights 6. 1. Licensed Material remains the property of either Licensor or the relevant third party and any rights not explicitly granted herein are expressly reserved.

  • Ownership of Stock The Selling Shareholders own all of the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of the Company, free and clear of all liens, claims, rights, charges, encumbrances, and security interests of whatsoever nature or type.

  • Ownership of Material Copyright in the pages and in the screens displaying the pages, and in the information and material therein and in their arrangement, is owned by Relyance Bank, N. A. and/or its Service Providers unless otherwise indicated. All registered and unregistered trademarks used in the Service are the sole property of their respective owners. Unauthorized reproduction in whole or part is prohibited.