Overhaul Sample Clauses

Overhaul b) Major re-conversion.
Overhaul b) Major re conversion
Overhaul. Immediately prior to the return of the -------- Aircraft at the expiration or termination of this Lease, Lessee, upon written request of Lessor received at least thirty (30) days in advance of such expiration or termination date, will arrange for each Airframe and Engine to be inspected and/or overhauled. Such inspection and/or overhaul shall be of the type customarily performed by a corporate operator similar to Lessee with similar airframes and engines and, except to the extent such costs are the responsibility of Lessee under paragraph (c)of this Section 4, Lessor shall pay ------------- --------- the actual costs in connection with such inspections and/or overhaul.
Overhaul b) Major re conversion.
Overhaul. Immediately prior to the return of each Airframe and Engines or engines at the end of the Term, Lessee, upon the written request of Lessor, will overhaul or cause to be overhauled such Airframe and Engines or engines. Such overhaul or work shall be done in the same manner and with the same care as used by Lessee with similar Airframes and engines of its own, and Lessor shall reimburse Lessee for Lessee's actual costs in connection with such overhaul or work.
Overhaul. Opens up walls and ceilings, cuts or pulls up floors and moves or turns over debris, in order to check for hidden fires which could rekindle or spread – using hooks, axes, saws and pitchforks.  Opens ceilings, walls, etc., to expose hot spots and other hazardous conditions with axes, pike poles, etc.  Searches for and extinguishes any hidden fires by looking, feeling or smelling for fire and smoke.  Checks and searches open areas, walls, and open structures for fire extension.  Removes and extinguishes burned or smoldering debris from buildings.  Determines whether a smoke detector was present and functional.

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Spares Boeing will revise, as applicable, the customized Recommended Spares Parts List (RSPL) and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC).
Maintenance Repairs Lessee agrees that at its own expense it will keep and maintain the Leased Premises and all Improvements and fixtures now existing or hereafter constructed, including, without limitation, houses, buildings and other structures and appurtenances and all alterations or replacements thereof, foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, pavement and landscaping, docks, piers, boat houses and related structures, retaining walls, bulkheads, gates, fences, septic tanks and water wells (together the “Improvements”) in a clean and neat condition and repair, including mowing grass and care of shrubs, such condition being determined by Lessor in its sole discretion. Lessee's obligation to maintain shall include all necessary repairs and replacements. In no event shall Lessor have any obligation to make any repairs or replacements to the Leased Premises.
Provisioning BellSouth shall provision services during its regular working hours. To the extent Freedom requests provisioning of service to be performed outside BellSouth’s regular working hours, or the work so requested requires BellSouth’s technicians or project managers to work outside of regular working hours, overtime charges set forth in BellSouth’s State E Tariff, Section 13.2, shall apply. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if such work is performed outside of regular working hours by a BellSouth technician or project manager during his or her scheduled shift and BellSouth does not incur any overtime charges in performing the work on behalf of Freedom, BellSouth will not assess Freedom additional charges beyond the rates and charges specified in this Agreement.
AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATION 5.1 The guarantees contained in this Attachment are based on the Aircraft configuration as defined in the original release of Detail Specification TBD (hereinafter referred to as the Detail Specification). Appropriate adjustment shall be made for changes in such Detail Specification approved by the Customer and Boeing or otherwise allowed by the Purchase Agreement which cause changes to the flight performance, sound levels, and/or weight and balance of the Aircraft. Such adjustment shall be accounted for by Boeing in its evidence of compliance with the guarantees.
Aircraft Maintenance TIMESHAROR shall be solely responsible for securing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance and required or otherwise necessary inspections of the Aircraft and shall take such requirements into account in scheduling the operation of the Aircraft. Performance of maintenance, preventive maintenance or inspection shall not be delayed or postponed due to any scheduled operation of the Aircraft unless such maintenance or inspection can safely be conducted at a later time in compliance with the sound discretion of the pilot-in-command.
Commissioning Functional testing and certification is complete. Forms and documentation which record the certification and performance of building systems, utility systems and equipment are fully executed and posted to the Princeton Collaborative System.
Configuration 3.1 Subject to the provisions of Article 3.2, below, the configuration for the Option Aircraft will be the Detail Specification for model 737-900ER aircraft at the revision level in effect at the time of Definitive Agreement (as defined below). Such Detail Specification will be revised to include (i) changes applicable to the Detail Specification that are developed by Boeing between the Option Exercise Date (as defined below) and the signing of the Definitive Agreement, (ii) changes required to obtain required regulatory certificates, and (iii) other changes as mutually agreed.
Maintenance Programme 17.4.1 On or before COD and no later than 45 (forty five) days prior to the beginning of each Accounting Year during the Operation Period, as the case may be, the Concessionaire shall provide to the Authority and the Independent Engineer, its proposed annual programme of preventive, urgent and other scheduled maintenance (the “Maintenance Programme”) to comply with the Maintenance Requirements, Maintenance Manual and Safety Requirements. Such Maintenance Programme shall include:
Installation, Maintenance, Testing and Repair Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, to the extent required by Applicable Law, Interconnection provided by a Party shall be equal in quality to that provided by such Party to itself, any subsidiary, affiliates or third party. If either Party is unable to fulfill its obligations under this Section 14.2, it shall notify the other Party of its inability to do so and will negotiate alternative intervals in good faith. The Parties agree that to the extent required by Applicable Law, the standards to be used by a Party for isolating and clearing any disconnections and/or other outages or troubles shall be at parity with standards used by such Party with respect to itself, any subsidiary, affiliate or third party.
System Upgrades The Connecting Transmission Owner shall procure, construct, install, and own the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. To the extent that design work is necessary in addition to that already accomplished in the Class Year Interconnection Facilities Study for the Interconnection Customer, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall perform or cause to be performed such work. If all the Parties agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades.