Original Image Sample Clauses

Original Image. Chapter 3
Original Image. Click [Tools] button and select the [Original Image] option from the drop-down menu to open the [Original Image] window. After scanning, the [Original Image] window displays the scanned image. You can check the scanned image to compare with the original text. This can help you improving your scan technique for more accurate recognition results.
Original Image display the scanned image. See 3.5 Displaying Original Image.
Original Image. Settings: Provide general, recognition, and business mode settings. See 3.7 Settings for more detailed information. . Help: Open this user manual. . About: See the product information.
Original Image. After making changes to the results, you can check your original scan to look at the dif- ference and look at the original text when scanned. Leave your cursor on the character for 1-2 seconds and a window will pop up with a list of buttons. Hold down the third button from the left and you will see the origi- nal text being displayed.
Original Image. Settings: Provide general, recognition, and business mode settings. See 3.6 Settings for more detailed information.
Original Image display the scanned image. See 3.4 Displaying Original Image.

Related to Original Image

  • Video Display Terminals When employees are required to monitor video display terminals which use cathode ray tubes, then:

  • Terminal Receipt You can get a receipt at the time you make any transaction (except inquiries) involving your account using an ATM and/or point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

  • Use of Equipment mechanical failure of the equipment; negligent design or manufacture of the equipment; the provision of or the failure by the Organization to provide any warnings, directions, instructions or guidance as to the use of the equipment; failure to use or operate the equipment within my own ability.

  • Use of Space The COUNTY will provide the space located at: [insert Orange County Government Location] (the “Designated Space”) which shall be utilized by the AGENCY solely for the lawful purpose of providing the services. If no space is designated, this Article V does not apply.

  • User Content Certain areas of the Platform may enable you to post comments, send messages, correspond with others and/or otherwise post content (“User Content”) in connection with various features that Spectra may elect to offer, such as information libraries, e-mail service, bulletin boards, chatrooms, electronic postcards, chats with special guests, e-mails, and forums to communicate with others (“Message Features”). You must use the Message Features in a responsible manner and you are fully responsible for all User Content that you provide to us or others. Your License to Us. By submitting User Content, you grant us and our designees a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, fully sub-licensable, transferable, license to publish, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, edit, adapt, modify, translate, create derivative works, make, sell, offer for sale, export, and otherwise use and exploit your User Content (or any portion thereof) in any way that we want and in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. You hereby waive any moral rights you may have in your User Content in favor of Spectra and any of its designees. You represent that you have obtained all necessary permissions necessary to grant us those rights, including from any person identified in or implicated by your submission (including those shown in photographic content), and, in the case of minors, also from their parents or legal guardians, as appropriate. No Obligation to Publish. We are not obligated to publish, transmit or use your User Content. Spectra is not in any manner endorsing any User Content that it may publish or post on the Platform and cannot, and will not, vouch for its reliability. Spectra is not responsible for any User Content and has no duty to monitor User Content. You use any information contained in User Content at your own risk. Spectra and its designees have the right, in their sole discretion, to monitor, review, edit, remove, delete, disable, refuse, restrict, or terminate access to your User Content or the Platform (in whole or in part) at any time, without prior notice and in our sole discretion, for any or no reason. The obligations that you have to us under these Terms shall survive termination of the Platform, any use by you of the Platform, any User Content on the Platform, or these Terms. You will not continue to post any User Content that Spectra has previously advised you not to post.

  • Use of Recycled Products Consultant shall prepare and submit all reports, written studies and other printed material on recycled paper to the extent it is available at equal or less cost than virgin paper.

  • New Equipment Spansion shall bear sole responsibility for all sales, use, gross receipts, excise, value-added or personal property taxes attributable to new equipment and any third party maintenance thereon procured by AMD on behalf of Spansion, with the consent of Spansion pursuant to the Change Control Procedures in connection with AMD’s performance of Services under this Agreement (provided Spansion obtains unencumbered title to such equipment).

  • Monthly Data Download Not later than fifteen (15) days after the end of each month, beginning with the month in which the Commencement Date occurs and ending with the Final Shared-Loss Month, Assuming Institution shall provide Receiver:

  • USE OF RECYCLED OR REMANUFACTURED MATERIALS New York State supports and encourages contractors to use recycled, remanufactured or recovered materials in the manufacture of products and packaging to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the performance or intended end use of the product or packaging unless such use is precluded due to health or safety requirements or product specifications contained herein. Refurbished or remanufactured components or products are required to be restored to original performance and regulatory standards and functions and are required to meet all other requirements of this bid solicitation. Warranties on refurbished or remanufactured components or products must be identical to the manufacturer's new equipment warranty or industry's normal warranty when remanufacturer does not offer new equipment. See "Remanufactured, Recycled, Recyclable or Recovered Materials" in Appendix B, OGS General Specifications.

  • Installation of Equipment You represent that there are no legal, contractual or similar restrictions on the installation of the Equipment, and if applicable Flex Equipment, in the location(s) you have authorized. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable building codes, zoning ordinances, homeowners’ association rules, covenants, conditions, and restrictions related to the Service, to pay any fees or other charges, and to obtain any permits or authorizations necessary for the installation or use of the Service (collectively "Legal Requirements"). You are solely responsible for any fines or similar charges for violation of any applicable Legal Requirements. You acknowledge and agree that Viasat or its designated service provider will be required to access your premises and computer to install and maintain the Equipment, including, without limitation, the antenna and its components, and if applicable, Flex Equipment. Standard Equipment installations performed by Viasat-authorized installers include: (i) installation of the antenna to an outside wall or sloped roof; (ii) travel to and from your Service location within 50 miles of the installer’s office; (iii) cable routed through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor; (iv) connection of the antenna to the modem using up to 150 feet of cable; (v) connection of the modem to one computer using up to 7 feet of cable; and (vi) required mounting and cabling hardware. In addition, for Flex customers, an AT&T Corp installer will route one additional cable through one exterior wall. Any different or additional installation services or hardware are non-standard and may result in additional charges to be agreed upon between you and the installer. All installations include attaching the Equipment to your computer, installing software on your computer and configuring your computer to optimize the performance of the Internet Service. You confirm that you have reviewed the installation plan and agreed to any associated charges. If you approved a roof mount, you acknowledge the potential risks associated with this type of installation (including, without limitation, with respect to any warranty that applies to your roof or roof membrane). By signing this Agreement, scheduling one or more service or installation visits, and permitting us or our service provider to enter your home, you are authorizing Viasat and its service provider to perform all of the above actions. You are responsible for backing up the data on your computer and we highly recommend that you do so prior to permitting access to us or one of our designated service providers. NEITHER VIASAT NOR ITS SERVICE PROVIDER SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY LOSSES RESULTING FROM THE EQUIPMENT OR FLEX EQUIPMENT OR ANY INSTALLATION, REPAIR OR OTHER SERVICES ASSOCIATED WITH THE EQUIPMENT OR FLEX EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGE TO YOUR PREMISES OR LOSS OF SOFTWARE, DATA OR OTHER INFORMATION FROM YOUR COMPUTER. This limitation does not apply to any damages arising from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of us or one of our designated service providers. Time frames for installation, if any, are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the types of services requested and other factors.