ON A DAILY BASIS Sample Clauses

ON A DAILY BASIS. 1. Prepare available cash forecasts and communicate balances to the Fund.


  • Daily Balance For each day a DPR is in effect, we figure the daily balance by: ● taking the beginning balance for the day, ● adding any new charges, ● subtracting any payments or credits; and ● making any appropriate adjustments. We add a new charge to a daily balance as of its transaction date. Beginning balance For the first day of a billing period, the beginning balance is the ending balance for the prior billing period, including unpaid interest. For the rest of the billing period, the beginning balance is the previous day's daily balance plus an amount of interest equal to the previous day's daily balance multiplied by the DPR for that balance. This method of figuring the beginning balance results in daily compounding of interest.

  • Daily 1. Name and address changes

  • Non-Usage Fee The Borrower shall pay, in accordance with Section 2.04, pro rata to each Lender (either directly or through the applicable Lender Agent), a non-usage fee (the “Non-Usage Fee”) payable in arrears for each Remittance Period, equal to the sum of the products for each day during such Remittance Period of (i) one divided by 360, (ii) the applicable Non-Usage Fee Rate (as defined below), and (iii) the aggregate Commitments minus the Advances Outstanding on such day (such amount, the “Unused Portion”). The Non-Usage Fee Rate (the “Non-Usage Fee Rate”) shall be equal to:

  • Unused Line Fee Borrowers shall pay to Agent, for the ratable account of the Revolving Lenders, an unused line fee (the “Unused Line Fee”) in an amount equal to the Applicable Unused Line Fee Percentage per annum times the result of (i) the aggregate amount of the Revolver Commitments, less (ii) the Average Revolver Usage during the immediately preceding month (or portion thereof), which Unused Line Fee shall be due and payable, in arrears, on the first day of each month from and after the Closing Date up to the first day of the month prior to the date on which the Obligations are paid in full and on the date on which the Obligations are paid in full.

  • Interest on Arrears Any interest instalment unpaid on maturity shall yield interest, of right and without formal notice, at the same rate as applicable to the portion of the loan whose interest is unpaid on maturity, such interest being payable to the Lender on request.

  • Interest on Advances Each Borrower shall pay interest on the unpaid principal amount of each Advance made to such Borrower by each Bank from the date of such Advance until such principal amount shall be paid in full, at the following rates per annum:

  • Applicable Margin For each period commencing on an Adjustment Date through the date immediately preceding the next Adjustment Date (each a “Rate Adjustment Period”), the Applicable Margin shall be the applicable margin set forth below with respect to the Total Leverage Ratio, as determined for the Reference Period of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries ending on the fiscal quarter ended immediately prior to the applicable Rate Adjustment Period. Level Total Leverage Ratio Base Rate Loans Eurodollar Rate Loans Letter of Credit Fees Commitment Fee I Greater than or equal to 4.00:1.00 0.50 % 2.25 % 2.25 % 0.450 % II Less than 4.00:1.00 but greater than or equal to 3.25:1.00 0.25 % 2.00 % 2.00 % 0.400 % III Less than 3.25:1.00 but greater than or equal to 2.50:1.00 0.00 % 1.75 % 1.75 % 0.350 % IV Less than 2.50:1.00 but greater than or equal to 1.75:1.00 0.00 % 1.50 % 1.50 % 0.300 % V Less than 1.75:1.00 0.00 % 1.25 % 1.25 % 0.250 % Notwithstanding the foregoing, (a) for the Loans outstanding and the Letter of Credit Fees and the Commitment Fee payable during the period commencing on the Closing Date through the date immediately preceding the Adjustment Date with respect to the receipt of a Compliance Certificate for the period ending December 31, 2006, the Applicable Margin shall be no lower than the Applicable Margin set forth in Level II above, and (b) if the Borrower fails to deliver any Compliance Certificate pursuant to §8.4(d) hereof, then for the period commencing on the next Adjustment Date to occur (or was to have occurred) subsequent to such failure through the date immediately following the date on which such Compliance Certificate is actually delivered, the Applicable Margin shall be the highest Applicable Margin set forth above (i.e., Level I above). Notwithstanding the foregoing to the contrary, in the event either the Borrower or the Administrative Agent determines, in good faith, that the calculation of the Total Leverage Ratio on which the Applicable Margin for any particular period was determined is inaccurate and, as a consequence thereof, the Applicable Margin was lower or higher than it would have been, (i) the Borrower shall promptly (but in any event within ten (10) Business Days) deliver (after the Borrower discovers such inaccuracy or the Borrower is notified by the Administrative Agent of such inaccuracy, as the case may be) to the Administrative Agent correct financial statements for such period (and if such financial statements are not accurately restated and delivered within thirty (30) days after the first discovery of such inaccuracy by the Borrower or such notice, as the case may be, and the Applicable Margin was lower than it should have been, then Pricing Level I shall apply retroactively for such period until such time as the correct financial statements are delivered and, upon the delivery of such corrected financial statements, thereafter the corrected Pricing Level shall apply for such period), (ii) the Administrative Agent shall determine and notify the Borrower of the amount of interest that would have been due in respect of outstanding Obligations, if any, during such period had the Applicable Margin been calculated based on the correct Total Leverage Ratio (or, to the extent applicable, the Level I Applicable Margin if such corrected financial statements were not delivered as provided herein) and (iii) the Borrower shall promptly pay to the Administrative Agent the difference, if any, between that amount and the amount actually paid in respect of such period. The foregoing notwithstanding shall in no way limit the rights of the Administrative Agent or the Lenders to exercise their rights to impose the rate of interest applicable during an Event of Default as provided herein.

  • Interest Rate Basis Interest on this Note will be determined by reference to the applicable Interest Rate Basis or Interest Rate Bases, which may, as described below, include the CD Rate, the CMT Rate, the Commercial Paper Rate, the Constant Maturity Swap Rate, the Federal Funds Open Rate, the Federal Funds Rate, LIBOR, the Prime Rate or the Treasury Rate (each as defined below).

  • Interest on Unpaid Balances Interest on any unpaid amount whether owed to PJM or to NYISO (including amounts placed in escrow) shall be calculated in accordance with the methodology specified for interest on refunds in the Commission’s regulations at 18 C.F.R. § 35.19a (a)(2)(iii). Interest on unpaid amounts shall be calculated from the due date of the xxxx to the date of payment. Invoices shall be considered as having been paid on the date of receipt of payment.

  • Unused Fees For each day during the term hereof that the Applicable Rate is determined pursuant to clause (a) of the definition of Applicable Rate, the Borrower shall pay a fee to the Administrative Agent for the pro rata benefit of the Lenders in an amount equal to the Unused Fee for such day. The Unused Fee shall be payable quarterly in arrears on the first Business Day of each calendar quarter and as of the Revolving Maturity Date.